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Bob Wright 06-24-2008 02:12 PM

Any Cartridge Collectors out there?
Having been a student of the handgun, and especially the revolver, I sort of backed into collecting cartridges. Lately, I've been sorting through and placing them into little Zip-Lok bags and labeling them, according to headstamp, if any, and primer/bullet variations. Over the years I've accumulated quite a variety of specimens.

I have many .45 Colt rounds, old UMC blackpowder, Frankford Arsenal Benet primed, etc. Also some blackpowder .38 Special as well as the .38-44 Special and .38 Special MV, forerunners of the .38 Special +P of today.

I have a few rarities~ the 9.8mm ACP, the .44 Remington and .50 Remington, to name a few.

Makes an interesting study in itself.

Bob Wright

Missing Something 06-25-2008 10:28 PM

Great Hobby... just never ending unless you specialize :D

I havent got that smart yet....

c3shooter 06-25-2008 11:07 PM

Do not pursue it daily, but started collecting about 30 hrs ago. Have a few odd rounds, lipfire, cupfire, Trounds, teatfires. Picked up a 5mm Lilliput and a .14 Alton Jones RF, and a .45 Remington-Thompson round. Learning about the history behind them is half the fun. Just FINDING something called a .307 Schneelock Triangular (yeah, real name) would be a hoot!

Bob Wright 06-27-2008 01:44 PM

I've considered myself a student of the handgun, and early on I decided to concentrate on the progressive development of the handgun and ammunition, and ruled out patent evasions such as teatfire, etc. My collection has included rimfire, metric, and Imperial cartridges, both revolver and pistol cartridges.

I've just completed sorting out my specimens and bagging them up into Z-p-Lok bags, labeled and sorted by caliber, headstamp, primer and bullet variations. Now to get a box to hold this, and find a place to put it that will bear its weight.

There is no end to the ramifications.

Incidentally, my references include White and Munhall's "Cartridge Identification Guide"; Charles Suydam's "U.S. Cartridges and their Handguns"; Erlanger and Brandt's "Cartridge Guide", and Ian Hogg's "Cartridge Identification Guide". Plus clippings from "The American Rifleman."

Bob Wright

Catfish 06-28-2008 01:54 AM

I never though of myself as a cartridge collector but maybe I am. At present I shoot 7 different .22 cal. rounds and load for acouple more. I also shoot 3 different .17 cal. centerfire rounds and rifle rounds up to .411 and handgun rounds from .38 to .500. :rolleyes:

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