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500 s&W mag.

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Alright I'm starting to think it might just be annoying to shoot more then once can anyone tell me anything about the 460? I've seen them at the gun store also but as I said befor I've only shot 357 and 44mags.
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Originally Posted by rob1990 View Post
Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm looking to get a good revolver and have shot 357 and 44mag. Just wondering if it'd be worth it to go really big.
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Haven't shot the 500 yet but I have shot the SW .460 mag. One word....giggles. It makes a grown man giggle. Paying to feed it would suck but if it can blow your hair back when standing behind it, the business end is no joke. Great gun for hunting in bear country. I can't really see any other purpose. Cept for expensive entertainment
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Go to a range that has one for rent and take a test drive. If you still want one, check the local classifieds. I used to see used, low rounds count .500s all the time. I haven't looked in a while. I doubt that they have suddenly gotten rare. I suspect that at $4 per shot, the novelty wears off quickly. It's an expensive way to scare other range users.
If I were to suddenly covet the X frames, I'd go with the .460. A much more versatile diameter. Even for reloaders, things that start with .5 are significantly more expensive than things that start w/ .45, double to triple last time I looked. If you don't reload, the .460 makes sense too. You can shoot the ultra-mild .45 Colt or the mild to medium .454 Casull in it as well. Even the .45 Colt ammo, while not a screaming bargain, is much cheaper than a lot of hotter options. so you can afford to shoot it more.
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I have and enjoy my 500. I have taken many friends out to shoot it, and they all seamed to like it. Some were done shooting sooner than others, but you have that with any gun. It is THE round that got me to start reloading. I was picking up the cheap stuff and paying $2 to drop the hammer. I am able to reload it for about $.50 a round for cheap plinking rounds. Still not cheap, but much better. It is hard to put into words the feeling of shooting this thing. I think someone said something about giggles. That would be a good word. From the time you pull out the ammo and show someone the difference between a 500 and a 357 mag, to letting them pick up a revolver that is over 4.5 lbs empty. To date, everybody that I have offered to let shoot it will not until they see me shoot it first. After that, I have only had a few people still say no, and only two that would not shoot a whole wheel. I have even been able to work up a nice light load that I have let my sister shoot. After we shot all of the light loads, and she could feel the difference when her husband fired some hunting loads, she tried the harder hitting rounds only to quit after 1 round. She did bag her limit of worms that day! I wouldn't let my 12 year old boy or 100 lb sister-in-law shot it, but I think that it is fun and can help a person shoot better. My sister was much happier shooting my 357 mag after my 500 and was not scared of it at all.
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I have a Freedom Arms Model 83 in .500 Wyoming Express, though somewhat less power ballistically than a .500 S&W, it will pretty much do anything a .500 Smith will do in my opinion, in a revolver that is far more portable than the X-frame Smith. I know the Smith is a fine revolver but you need half a cow for a holster and a fence post to lean it on to shoot it seems. I just like the FA because you have all the power you will ever need in a handgun and you can carry it without develop an hunchback from toting it around. Recoil,,, well any revolver chambering the modern big bores over 44 mag., really can beat your hands up. To me the difference between my .500 and other pistols I own is like comparing a 10 ga. to a 20ga. Recoil is very heavy and shooting from a bench is not pleasant at all. Cost is another consideration, I bought dies and brass a week after I picked up the revolver and the .500 WE loaded down is actually as mild as a .45ACP with some Trailboss loads and saves your hands alot. I
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I owned the .460 and carried it in AK for fishing and hiking (sold it when I left as there's no use for it in GA.). The recoil of the .460 magnum cartridge made accurate shot placement difficult so I only carried .454 (hard cast) in the field. I have not shot the 500 but have heard (from more than one person) it's recoil make's accurate shooting even more difficult than the 460. You used to be able to find them (S&W 500) for sale fairly often on (an AK specific forum).

For me, the extra power of the 460 round was not worth what I gave up in accuracy. Also of note, you have quite a few more options with the 460 (460, 454, & 45LC).

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I know two people who limp wristed a 500 and bruised their wrist. The guy that has the 500 shoots every week with his own reloads
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Originally Posted by rob1990
Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm looking to get a good revolver and have shot 357 and 44mag. Just wondering if it'd be worth it to go really big.
If its hard for you to handle .44s, I wouldn't go near a .500. I've been shooting magnum handguns for years, and a .500 is still too much for me after about 5 shots. They are very impressive pieces , and would probably take down anything you would find walking around on earth. But as a practical gun, I don't think a .500 is of much value. They are some cool collector/enthusiast guns, though.
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