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DiabloMan 03-13-2013 04:09 PM

41 mag stories HERE!
Howdy, If you shoot a revolver in 41 mag let me know some stories, loads, likes, dislikes(Nice!). I'm loading for the 41, lets discuss loading, etc. for the caliber. I want to hear from guys that shoot the 41. Please try not to compare to other calibers or ancient history. Just camp fire type stories. Thanks The Blackhawk Kid

Bob Wright 03-13-2013 08:22 PM

My experience with the .41 Magnum is very limited. In 1971 I traded into a 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Magnum. Having no brass on hand and not much then available, I bought several boxes of factory load Remington, both the JHP loading and the 210 gr. swaged SWC Police loading.

Hated that Police loading, leaded worse than the old swaged lead factory SWCs in the .357 Magnum. The full power factory load was a little too much with the XR-3RED grip frame, and I swapped it out for a Super Blackhawk grip frame. What a difference that made! The Super Blackhawk grip frame is now my favorite for all heavy recoiling magnum ammunition, all calibers. Really tamed that .41 for me.

A friend of mine lost interest in shotgun shooting and gave me nearly a full 8# keg of Hercules Green Dot and I loaded that in my .41 and it became my favorite for middle of the road .41s, as I never used the full power stuff in .41, going instead to my .44 or .45 for really potent loads. There is one sad note when I think of my .41. The first day I took it to the range for firing is the day my nephew was killed in a helicopter crash in South Dakota.

Sold the gun to my son-in-law who took it to Ohio with him. Then in need of money sold it to a friend of his who moved to Arizona. So somewhere in Arizona is my .41 Three Screw Blackhawk with a steel Super Blackhawk grip frame.

That's my story of the .41 Magnum.

Bob Wright

DiabloMan 03-14-2013 09:47 PM

Thanks for your 41 story, Bob. I have one. My great uncle "whip" grew up around 1905. Like all cowboys he had a sixgun, a 41 colt. His Pa and brothers chided him about that 41 being an odd caliber and almost "extinct". Whip got "indian mad", stomped off to town. Low and behold 2 days later whip returned with a Colt sixgun in 45colt. Now he was allowed at the table and sleep inside. His mother, in the mean time, put the 41 in a desk drawer. this was in June of 1905. 75 years later, Whip's son was moving furniture after Whip had passed away. Jimmy, his son found an old desk, and immediately his wife wanted to restore and use it in their new house. In the top drawer was Whip's old 41, still loaded. Jimmy called me days later and told me this story. We took the gun and shot it! We found some saddle bags with gloves and 4 boxes if 41 ammo. I don't know what that old colt 41 is worth, but Jimmy has part of the old west still hanging on the coat rack. Thats my 41 story. Thanks Dave Walker

Bob Wright 03-14-2013 11:10 PM

Well, you didn't mention .41 Long Colt revovlers. I have another, sort of.

Around November or December of 1956 I was a young recruit at Ft. Carson, Colorado. An old sergeant (maybe late forties) found out I was a shooter and sort of took me under his wing. He had a beautiful original Remington 1858 cap and ball revolver with a barrel made from a M1917 machine gun barrel and fitted with Micro sights. He loaned me a Colt Bisley in .41 Colt. We would head off into the mountains somewhere around Colorado Springs for some shooting.

I was pretty familiar with the single action by then and had no trouble handling it. However I do believe that barrel must have been a .44 or .45 barrel, as I don't believe the bullet ever touched the bore after leaving the cylinder! I was a pretty good shot then, but he would clean off all the targets we set up with his cap-and ball while my bullets kicked up dirt all over the countryside. That old Colt did function, and fire. That was the best thing you could say about it.

Bob Wright

Bob Wright 03-14-2013 11:20 PM

I sure don't mean to monopolize this thread, but here are some interesting .40~.41 caliber cartridges.

I got the .400 Special from my gunsmith, Keith Warner. This round was popular, sort of, during the late 'Forties. There was a hunting club down in Mississippi where members hunted wild boar on horseback, using handguns. These .400 Specials, or .401 Eimers, were usually built on Colt New Service revolvers or Single Action Army revolvers. They started out with guns of .41 Colt or smaller, and fitted barrels from .38-40 revolvers an rebored and rechambered the cylinder, though .41 Colt barrels could be used also. This .400 Special is made from .303 Savage brass. Winchester .401 Self Loading was used also.

This hunting club was made up of the wealthier cotton men or other business men from the Memphis area. Was way out of my league, and time, too.

Bob Wright

Axxe55 03-14-2013 11:34 PM

i have shot a couple of 41 Magnums in the past. never owned one, but for some reason i always did want one. haven't even seen one in the gun stores, pawn shops or gun shows in many years now. one day maybe i will get lucky and find one.

many say it filled a void between the 44 and the 357 that was never there in the first place. you could either load a 357 up to the levels of the 41 or the 44 down to the same level as the 41. IMO, it's still a neat caliber and cartridge. from a commercial standpoint it wasn't a big success, but it does have it's own following.

kytowboater 03-14-2013 11:44 PM

Think I saw one at a gun show in November. IIRC it as a smith DA, but had a high price on it. Dad almost bought it, but it was stupid expensive.

robocop10mm 03-15-2013 01:34 PM

I was working the range on a LE training day. We had a number of different stage set up in various areas of Camp Swift National Guard training base. I was chatting with another instructor (now Chief Deputy), waiting for the next group to arrive. He inquired as to whether his subcompact 9mm (S&W 669) could hit a pepper popper (steel target) at the current distance. I told him go ahead and try, there was no one else on the range. He fired a shot and missed. He fired a second round and "ping", hit the target. He was quite proud of him self.

I told him "watch your ears" I drew my 4" S&W 657 (Stainless .41 Mag) and fired one shot. "Kaboom", "clang". Knocked down the popper just as the next group started pulling in to the location. "Holy crap!" Everyone was windering what the explosion was.

The range? 95 yards. The ammo? Max load of W-296 pushing a Sierra 170 gr JHC at over 1600 fps.

I love my .41's

DiabloMan 03-15-2013 09:51 PM

Keep em coming guys. I like to hear 41 mag stories. There are more and more loyal 41 shooters. I'm getting ready to reload some more rounds. Spring is coming!!

DiabloMan 03-17-2013 12:20 AM

I was at my local gun store, and they had in stock Stainless 357 mag, 44 mag and 45 LC, also Blue guns in same calibers PLUS, 2 41's. One had to leave with. It shoots! WTH! DW

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