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robocop10mm 08-19-2012 01:34 AM

Austin get together
With the large numbers of Central Texans on the board, I would like to suggest an Austin Range day or other get together.

As the weather should be cooling off soon, we can get together for a fun day. If someone has some land they are willing to host, great. If not, My suggestion is the Lone Star Range north of Lockhart. Reasonable prices, relaxed atmosphere.

What say y'all?

SSGSF 08-19-2012 01:38 AM

I am in just let me know

g23shooter 08-19-2012 01:49 AM

Very interested but I need to know 3weeks in advance so I can get that day scheduled off.

notdku 08-21-2012 07:40 PM

Sounds good. Don't have good land access right now. Maybe a range on 183?

GonzoLonzo 08-22-2012 03:53 AM

Thats something I would like to do. Given some notice, I'll be there.

rhyno13 08-26-2012 05:16 AM

I would be interested.

gwb8568 09-04-2012 02:10 AM

Again....with notice, I would love to talk/meet members here on the forum and "pick brains/learn" in the process. Would just need to know a proposed date to see if I can make it, as I don't have a set schedule in the oilfield, would just depend on when my days off comes.

carnestopher 10-21-2012 05:20 AM

I'm in Temple but a drive to Austin isn't too far. I'd be down!

HOSSFLY 10-21-2012 01:59 PM

Well, Austin is only about a 5hr drive & i'm retired & the wife is very understanding sooooooo :)

robocop10mm 10-21-2012 03:40 PM

Life got in the way, again. I changed shifts again (every 28 days) and am working weekends again. Sunday the 11th of November is my next weekend day off. The next week is getting into Thanksgiving.

I do not want to put it too far into the cold weather. I will check my schedule and see when I can take a day off. November 3rd? What say y'all

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