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Worst gun you ever owned

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Originally Posted by pilgrim45 View Post
Worst GUN (an that's stretching the term) was a German luger look alike made by Erma in .22 cal. This was over 40 yrs ago, so some of you old timers may have heard of it. It would take me a least an hour to shoot a box of 50 rounds because of jamming. I don't think it ever fired over 2 rounds without jamming. The friend? I bought it from still laughs about that POS. I don't know what ever became of that company, but I hope it's not still of this planet.
Hey, I have an Erma! It looks like a Walther....

Truly a POS!
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Years ago in my haste to own a DA 44 mag I bought an RG, it didn't take long to figure out what a horrible mistake I had made. Looking back I find it hard to believe I was so stupid, especially so since owning a Redhawk for around 30 years that is the exact opposite to the RG in quality, strength and reliability.
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worst pistol i ever owned was a Lorcin 25 acp. pure junk!

worst rifle i ever owned, a Remington M770! also pure junk!
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Had a s&w 4006, old Alaska hi po gun. It just wasn't accurate. Ate anything, but gave a Mossberg pattern on paper....sold

Had a DPMS AR15 that poly coated steel cases would get stuck in the chamber...sold.
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Beretta 96D. My employer gave me this 40cal sidearm upon completion of a project. There have been many reports of slide failures and other structural problems. My main issue is that it takes three men and a dog to pull the trigger. Most difficult and LONG trigger pull I have ever encountered. I took it to a gunsmith to see if he could adjust it and he said no. It was designed for use as a LEO weapon. The idea was to make the trigger pull so difficult that only a cop that practiced with it a LOT would feel comfortable with it. If it found its way into the hands of a bad guy it would be so difficult as to be useless to him. I guess due to this "feature" there is no mechanical safety at all.

Admittedly, a LEO friend of mine thinks its a good piece.

They don't make them anymore. Good decision.
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taurus pt 22 (22lr) and tarus model 94 (22 lr ) biggest &^%%$^*( ever
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I have to chime in on this one and I still own the worst gun(s) I've ever owned. Actually there are two, one is a westernfield monkey wards 12 ga.pump shotgun that I bought years ago from a person who needed money, or so he said. Seems closer to the truth to say he needed to unload this dog of a shotgun. Thank God I am only out $50. My next gem is a Handi grip 22-250 rifle that I bought thinking it would make a good rifle to sling along on my ATV. I also own an older version of this rifle from the 90's in .223 and it isn't a bad little rifle. This newer one is a real P.O.S., horrible trigger, will not shoot a good group, etc. I should have known better. I've been meaning to rework this thing but the wound is still too fresh.
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Dan Wesson Model 15 revolver in 357 mag. It was my first handgun ever and being a nube, I couldn't decide on a barrel length. The DW had interchangeable barrels so it seemed like the way to go. About one in every 18 shots of 357 mag would jam the cylinder from turning. Never a problem with 38 Spl. I would work the cylinder back and forth while working the cylinder and trigger until it came loose. I got to be pretty good at doing this. Then I would clean the cylinder and around the forcing cone then get the feeler guage out and make sure the cylinder gap was at spec. A real PITA. The last time I fired it I was in the desert just north of Mojave, CA. The cylinder jammed like it always did. I worked the cylinder, hammer, trigger like always but this time my thumb slipped off the hammer and I had an AD. Fortunately the muzzle was pointed down range. I was relieved that nobody was hurt. Then my buddy tells me I'm bleeding. I had been holding the gun in my left had working the cylinder while my right hand was working the hammer & trigger. The blast from the cylinder gap cut my left middle finger to the bone. I stuck my hand in an ice chest and my buddy drove me to the ER for some stiches. I got rid of the DW soon after that. With full disclosure! I didn't know at the time that the DW was not going to be my one and only weapon. If I had, I don't think I would have been so squishy on picking a barrel length. Now if I can't decide, I buy two guns.
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I had a Rhome .22 short revolver. It was misaligned and the dang thing blew up! Thank god nobody was beside me!
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Default Worst gun I've ever owned.

The worst gun I ever owned would have to be a Michigan Armament "Combat Elite". Every time I took the weapon out, a part would fail. The last straw was when I pulled the side back to chamber a round, and the whole thing "froze" up. Turns out that the hammer pin broke causing the hammer to jam. Had that occurred when I was firing the weapon, the hammer would have sheared off and flown right into my face.

The second-worse gun that I owned was a Taurus PT-940 (stainless)... It jammed constantly. Also, no matter what I did the rear sight (adjustable) would come loose. When this persisted even after being sent back to Taurus FIVE TIMES, I finally sold it.
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