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Why are Glocks so overpriced?

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They are so expensive because they work and work good.

ALBEIT not as good as a 1911 or a Smith but hey everyone needs to like something.
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They cost between $950 and $1300 in Argentina! And they still have a large following of loyal fan boys.

Are they good guns? Sure they are, especially the 9mm models (17 and 19). But they aren't perfect. I agree with what has been said about Glock's fantastic publicity campaigns, it seems like it was money we'll spent for the company.

While I have classic taste when it comes to firearms (give me a blued wheelgun with walnut stocks and I'll be in heaven), I try to keep an open mind and try as many as I can. I tried a Glock 17 a few times and wasn't very impressed, I hated the grip and trigger. When it comes to polymer, I preffer the M&P.
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First I think it is the price to advertise as much as Glock does.
Second it's the koolaid, some think the word Glock = cool in firearms
Third it's a great girl gun (no offense meant) My daughter and girlfriend both carry G27

It's the pistol that fits them and they will shoot. So who am I to argue, I'm happy they are willing to pack at all!

I'm a M&P guy when it come to polly but for what ever reason not right for my girls.
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Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post
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I got my Glock for $550.00 with night sights, (Glock 21). I like it and would shoot it any day over the Sig Pro I had to carry, (issued gun). I am now interested in the XD but I rely like the XDM by they do not make it in 45 as of yet, Keeping my finger cross on that on. What is the lowest/highest price you have seen on a new Glock?
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Talked to a FFL today (good guy - been dealing with him for awhile). He's a certified Glock armorer, and he deals with them quite a bit.

I asked him what I could expect to pay if I order a Glock 19 from him using military pricing.

His answer: $375.00

The over the counter price here for a Glock 19 is $560.00

$185.00 difference

WTF, over!!!!!

Why do I get such preference in pricing, but the average citizen doesn't???

P.S. Once I found out that I could get one that cheap I was honestly tempted a little bit to get one. I then came to my senses, and realized that I have no need for an uber Tennifer wonder when I have something better already. It's the principle of the thing with me. If you are going to give a good price to the military / LEOs, you need to do something for the general masses out there too, IMO.

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Originally Posted by SGT-MILLER View Post
Besides, the Springfield XD did the same torture tests, and I don't see them jacking up their prices on their products (in my opinion, the XD is an obvious better platform on all levels when compared to the Glock).
Quoted for truth!

I wholeheartedly concur that the XD is clearly the better overall pistol.

I don't like Glock's grip angle. I despise the location of the magazine release button. The overall fit & finish is mediocre. You can't shoot hand loads/reloads. Overrated and overpriced.

I get a strong urge to laugh uncontrollably whenever I see or hear the words "Glock Perfection".
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Glock has a great public relations department. Problem is that nobody in their public relations department shoots! And their message (mantra) has never changed over the years. (Boy those guys are skating!) Shoots in water yada yada yada....shoots in mud yada yada yada....shoots on the moon! If you tell someone something over and over they just give up and believe it.

Why are Glocks so overpriced? - Semi-Auto Handguns

Please do not take me wrong. Glocks are fine handguns (for some people, God bless them) but not me! I wear my bias on my sleeve and have no intention to drag you into my 1911 pattern pistol cult.

I will however be happy to share my experiences and suggestions with any one that has the spare time to listen or read.

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- orangello
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I don't do Glocks... my shooting buddy has a Glock 17 and he's lookin' to get rid of it.
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I shot a Glock 17 a few weeks ago. A few people told me I should go shoot a Glock, so I rented one out at the range. It was alright IMHO. Nothin special. The thing I liked about it was carry capacity. I just don't like the look of it. It's too "square." Seemed overpriced to me. Wasn't worth what they were selling it for. The only gun I would pay high price for is an H&K USP or some of those really high end 1911's.
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Originally Posted by hogger129 View Post
It was alright IMHO. Nothin special.
That pretty much sums up my opinion of Glock.

Decent gun, nothing special. It's no dog, but definitely not all that and a bag of chips either.

Sure, it set a new standard when it first came out. But that was years ago, and pistols like the Springfield XD have caught up and surpassed it.

If they ever stop manufacturing 1911's and XD's, I'll give a Glock some consideration.
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