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Why do people make post VS's anything ?

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Originally Posted by CHLChris View Post
I personally LOVE those threads with gunX vs. gunY ...or... caliberA vs. caliberB. I've actually found that FTF isn't a forum that has many of those, though.

People can be haters and knuckleheads on any thread and often are.
quite a few of em get locked because fanboy x and fanboy y tend to get out of controll at some point and the thread gets torpedoed. there are a lot of em on here but not a lot that dont get moderator locked heh.
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I agree that opinions and personal experiances can be a great tool. I for one when looking at the .22 conversion kits for my Sig P220 didn't know the slide didn't stay open after last shot so that was nice to know but when people say they are trash because they used other rounds then what is recomended then complain the rounds didn't feed properly how do you blame the equipment ? As far as trash talk maybe not so much on here but I can't count the number of sites go back and forth over what's better especially when it comes to Sigs and Glocks.
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junior, i have owned one sig years ago, very well made accurate pistol, very reliable and heavy. have shot many friend's glocks over the years, never owned yet, fairly accurate, well made, reliable and lighter. i like both, and can't say anything bad about either, but if it came to a choice between them, i would have go with whichever was the best deal price wise. if i had to make an ultimate choice, it might be the sig though.
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Now many love the 1911. I like it, have one, would never

sell it. But I feel better carrying something with a de-cocker,

like a Beretta 92. I also like all steel toys, and don't go for all that

squared off Glock lookin' stuff.

I can't say mine shoot any better, but I know I shoot better with

them. But there's just as much to knock about what I shoot as

everybody else.
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People are never going to agree....on anything. And firearms discussions can sometimes get people more riled than just about any topic you can think of. Everyone has their opinion. Nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with them expressing their opinion. Personally, I like to read varying points of view. See all the arguments for and against something. Then I can use that information to make an informed choice. Based on what I believe to be important to me. that's the way it should be.

Where I get lost is when people forget they are expressing an opinion nothing more. They act like their opinion is the only valid one and attack anyone who disagrees with them. Don't have much patience for that nonsense. It's OK to disagree with the message, but don't kill the messenger.

The other thing that I have a problem with is getting people to understand that, when it comes to expressing opinions on a forum, the43 is no majority rule. Just because more people think like you then like me, doesn't make my position invalid. One of my pet peeves is when someone says "Most experts agree". That's fine. But there was a time when the experts agreed that the Earth was the center of the universe. And there was a time when the experts agreed that the Earth was flat. And before you say that's all ancient history, not more than a year or so ago, nearly every physicist on the planet would have told you absolutely beyond doubt that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Until CERN clocked a neutrino doing just that. Scientists are scrambling trying to fit this new development into their neatly organized theories.

To each his own.
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Paladin201: I agree. When poster's get to exchanging insults and bad-mouthing each other, or get totally off the subject, it defeats the purpose of the forum.
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And some people just like to complain. Take it all in but use what you agree with. That's all.
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i am deffinately not a fanboy of any particular brand.....but i have found some of it helpful in making a decision from time to time.

(im deff a baretta hater tho. military issue M9=crap lol, im not perfect)
I can't fix stupid!!
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