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Why is 9mm considered such a bad SD round?

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Read this thread from start to finish.

Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W for self defense

If you don't know who Rob Pincus is Google him!




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.......okay, back to the question.... does size really matter?
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I came up on an Antelope hunter many years ago. The poor fellow had lost lost his ammo. The hunter was following a badly wounded "Goat" unable to put it down. I was hiking with a 39 S&W 9 mm loaded with "Flying Ash Trays" hollow points. I shot that thin skinned animal at close range more than 8 times. The 9 MM Hps went thru the rib cage and hit the sand. I have used .45 ACPs and even .38 Supers with much better results.
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I work on an ambulance in the hood.

Had a guy who took a 9mm to the center of his forehead sitting on the curb trying to explain why he broke into the shooter's house.

Had a guy with a 9mm round in the back of his head with a pulse, breathing, looking up at me, and biting the oral airway.

These two had two things in common... Only one round made contact, and both were non hollow point 9mm rounds. Good rounds mean all the difference.
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Zimmerman shot only one 9mm round.
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Originally Posted by Ranger-6 View Post
Zimmerman shot only one 9mm round.
Sure but he shot a kid and he was less than a yard away.

You can kill anything with one round only being a yard away.
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Originally Posted by p35bhp55 View Post
I had to chase down and kill a large dog with my 9mm Hi Power, it took five rounds of 115 gr. Cor Bon. I killed a coyote with my Delta Elite, it took one 175 gr. silvertip. I still love my Hi Powers but damn that was depressing.
I do not know if my 45ACP 230 grain FMJs will kill a bear.

But I know it has been killing man since 1911.

And that's what I got it for.

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My dad shot a wounded deer in the head at point blank with a .40 S&W JHP, it didn't die, he had to shoot it again.

At another point the same thing happened, he shot this one with a 9mm, it died immediately. This subject has been beaten to death. Caliber doesn't matter, a bullet is still a hunk of metal tearing through you at 1000 feet per second.

If you rely only on a .45 to get the job done because of sheer size, you are going about it wrong.

President Reagan was hit with a .22, it didn't kill him, but it sure as heck incapacitated him.
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Messed up Brady pretty bad.
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You know, these posts here got me to thinking. I know I still have a LOT to learn about ballistics and fps and grains of powder but I have an inert .45 ACP cartridge on my keychain. I own a .357 magnum revolver and a .380 Auto. I know the diameter of some are bigger than others in these rounds but I don't think it's that much that if you hit someone they are going to do okay if you only shot them with a .380 vs. a .45. Like you all have been saying, at hit is going to be a hit no matter what caliber.

I don't think a 9 mm. is a bad self defense round. Some say it's better than the .380 I have.
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