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What, to you, constitutes a well rounded collection?

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Okay, so I have to do it... If anyone wants to see a perfectly well rounded collection, check out the profile pic of a Brennan16.
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I'm primarily a handgun guy:
1) .22 revolver/ Ruger with both LR & Mag cylinders
2) .22 semi-auto
3) 38/.357 with 4" barrel
4) 38 snub
5) 44 revolver
6) 45 colt revolver
7) 9mm semi-auto ( I have 2, both Sig classic series)
8) Pocket pistol - 380 or small 9mm
9) at least one 1911 in 45ACP
10) Browning Hi-Power - just because (don't have one yet)

However, I have been known to use a long gun....
Long guns:
12 gauge; pump, semi & O/U (sold my S/S)
20 gauge; O/U
Winchester Model 12 in 12 gauge
7.62 x 39 Mini 30
30.06 bolt, scoped
.22 remington bolt
Winchester model 94

You know, sort of the appropriate firearm for all occassions.

If I have to explain it, you probably won't understand it.
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I believe in minimalism. This philosophy meshes well with there being 7 billion people on this planet now. So for me, the minimal gun collection would be the ideal, rather than one of everything. "Well rounded" could mean anything though, these are just words. It could mean minimal, and it could mean one of everything.

Minimal would be, for me --

.22LR long barrel revolver with adjustible rear sites

.380 semi-auto backup CCW on your ankle

.45 ACP semi-auto CCW elsewhere on your person where you could quickly draw and fire it

.44 mag revolver as a back up handgun for dangerous game hunting (bears & boars)

12 gauge shotgun with a high capacity magazine well/tube, in case you ever had to single handedly stop a riot in your neighborhood; with Mossberg interchangable barrels, this can be used as either a short smoothbore defense shotgun, a long smoothbore bird gun, or a rifled slug gun.

.223 semi-auto assault rifle, if legal in your state

.30 cal bolt action scoped hunting rifle of some sort; I prefer the .300 RUM

I cannot imagine needing more, unless you also hunt caribou, moose, and/or grizzly bears, in which case a .338 mag rifle would belong in your kit. Or if perhaps you travel to Africa to hunt, which is a totally different continent, and where the .375 and the .458 are popular big, really big, game guns.

What is best? That is always a major philosophical question, whether you are an elitist or just another neighborhood joe.

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LE "orders from Glock" etc.??

Well, not for long, if they treat LE

organizations like they treat retail outlets.

We had a major problem with Glock where

they tied up a block of our cash flow for

four months on an initial bulk order.

CS and reasonable business practice seemed to be

the last thing on their mind.

Perhaps you're thinking of Sig Sauer or

Springfield, or somebody.

Or maybe Glock only caters to LE...
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a well rounded collection? well for me, i am always going to be one gun short! it's not so much a collection as an addiction now!

i like the common calibers, but also like the obscure ones as well. it seems when i try something out one of my friends have, i just want one too.
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I don't "collect" collector's guns. But my collection includes/will include an example of every gun to suit very possible need for survival purposes. (22 bolt & pistol for small game, 410 shotgun for HD, centerfire pistol for personal defense out & about, backup for HD, centerfire bolt gun for bigger animal hunting & Long-Range, and something tactical, currently a carbine that share ammo & mags with the centerfire pistol.)

As far as actual collecting, I have developed recently & disturbingly, an affection for Ruger Single Action Revolvers. So nice to look at, feels nice in the hand, and the only pistol I can really hit anything with, (Ruger Single Six)

Oh yeah, and I recently decided I need a LH bolt gun in 22 mag. My Ruger 77/22 all weather is nice, can't seem to part with it, but the mag would be way better than the LR. Going to go with a Savage 93 17 HMR rebarelled by Savage to 22 mag.
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I don't know if i would be considered a hobbyist or collector I have 4 semi auto handguns (mostly Sigs ) Stag Ar-15 Benelli tactical shotgun .If money wasnt a issue i would be a big time collector !
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I don't think I'm a collector - - - my wife says I'm a hoarder!

If I find something I like and I can afford it I will but it. I'm 63 and have bought several over the decades but I have never sold a firearm!

Some sit in the back of a gun safe for years without being touched and some are out quite regularly but none are intended to hit the market until I’m gone and I hope my grandchildren keep them around and enjoy them!
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For me it would be a usable collection. A selection of rifles from .22 to 45-70 with the ability to hunt all game in the US, a selection of shotguns from .410 to 10 ga (pump and semi auto) for waterfowl, small game and birds. A selection of handguns for small and big game hunting. Pistols for ccw, home defence, plinking, and competition. Currently, I am 2 rifles and 2 shotguns short of my "perfect selection". Here is part of my starter collection.
What, to you, constitutes a well rounded collection? - Semi-Auto Handguns
" Support gun control, use both hands"
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Originally Posted by 97cobra View Post
Cops use glocks because they have a high capacity, proven reliability, and accuracy. Some cops also use 1911s for similar reasons. Glocks are going to go bang everytime you pull the trigger. Throw it from a helicopter and it still goes bang.

Would a 1911 work if tossed from a helicopter? I sure don't know and I can tell you that I don't know anyone willing to test it out with a $1000 or more pistol.

It comes down to personal preference an that's all there is to it. Both have proven their reliability and accuracy and both are being used by a whole lot of people world wide.

I am a huge 1911 fan but I also own a glock and an m&p soon. Police forces like the simplicity of the glocks, m&ps, xds, an the other polymer framed guns, but I know a s**t load of police that still carry their 1911s.

I feel that just because you don't like a gun you don't need to try and put down others that like it especially on a forum where people are trying to gain knowledge about the things that we love and all have in common and that would be guns.
Well, I don't know why I would need my 1911 to survive being thrown from a helicopter, or from a fixed wing aircraft for that matter. That would mean that I would need to jump out behind it for it to be of any use. That ain't gonna happen.

Cops use Glocks because it is cheaper then proper firearm training. Even with the outstanding safety features some cops manage to shoot themselves or other innocent people with them. Glocks main value is being almost fool-proof.
“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
― George Orwell, 1984
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