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General_lee 07-06-2009 02:22 AM

Walther PPS question
I've been eyeing a 9mm Walther PPS at work, i'm thinking about getting it as soon as the financial situation allows.
Smaller and lighter than my "Swock" (S&W Sigma .40), I figured it would be better for all day carry at work.
Are these decent guns? I heard something about them being a little finicky with ammo.

jeffware 07-06-2009 07:31 AM

walther ppks
mr lee, i think that this is a superb size for a concealed pocket gun. carl walther originally made them in germany. later, interarms manufactured them in the usa. more recently smith & wesson has made them in usa under license. unfortunately, all guns made by smith have been recalled. probably not for any fault of smith, but because of lawyers and liability issues. in my opinion, the design is not flawed. however it may be that the gun with a chambered round is dropped on the ground it may then fire. it's been some time since i read about the issue, but i seem to remember it is something like this. i personally prefer to carry a gun with no round in the chamber, safety off. if i need to use it i chamber a round and then fire. people may disagree with my carry method, but i carry the way i like to carry. YOU carry anyway you like. anyway, it seems like smith may be revamping the pistol design. who knows, they may give up the license to manufacture instead. if smith starts selling them again it will be superb. i have a smith .45 acp and a smith 9mm. both are flawless. i trust smith. jeff.

General_lee 07-06-2009 07:43 PM

jeffware, thank you for the reply, but I believe we are talking about two different guns.
I love the PPKS and the PPK James Bond gun, I will have one of those one day:)
The PPS is a relatively new addition to the walther lineup, it's a compact polymer frame pistol that is almost the same size as a PPK, but it comes in either 9mm or .40 s&w.
Looks similar to a Glock.

jeffware 07-09-2009 04:56 AM

mr general, oops, i thought you were talking about a diff gun. i have shot and handled very few polymer frame guns, and you may call me a dinosaur. i prefer an all metal gun. why? maybe i'm just old and set in my ways. many reputable gun makers are using polymer frames. they are becoming quite popular. let me know if you buy and shoot one of these, and i may consider one in the future. an old dog can still learn new tricks. i do know that s&w makes polymer frame stuff. the all metal smith pistols that i have are very good. maybe the polymer stuff they make is good also. jeff.

General_lee 07-10-2009 12:55 AM

Thanks nicolai, I do believe I will get one.
Jeffware, I will certainly post a review whenever i get it and have had time to play with it.
I really like metal frame pistols too, the plastic ones just don't feel "real", but if you carry a gun all day, the lighter plastic guns are alot more comfortable.

Hollander 07-11-2009 02:27 AM

I have the .40 and never had a problem so far - +500 rounds thru it. Go and find the PPS forum and you will get a great deal of knowledge. Such things as: if you buy one, take it home,strip it, clean it, lube it well, and hand rack the slide 200 times. The .40 is a little snappy for and older person like me but the gun carries well, conceals easily, and can even disappear in a front pocket with a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. IMO the PPS will do you just fine.

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