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sweeper22 09-06-2011 07:13 PM

Top 5 9mms
This has probably been done already...but, so what? Most of us have 9mms and many of us have shot a multitude of models in the ultimate "vanilla" auto caliber. What are your favorites and why?

Here's mine:

5) Beretta 92/M9- Not a great ergonomic fit for me personally, but a stout, accurate, and battle tested gun. While it's bigger than necessary, I also think it's got a pretty sharp looking profile. It's mass production can also be an asset to the owner.

4) Polymers/Glock 19- I consider the G19 to sort of be "the standard". A great utility 9mm. Reliable, concealable, big enough to handle well, great capacity, simple to maintain. I could find other polymers that fit my hand better (which is why I don't own a Glock), and I consider the XD, M&P, and FNP lines to be of equal quality. I've also been really impressed with the ergonomics of the H&K P30. But Glock gets some points for establishing market traction with their initial offerings. I will never enjoy shooting a polymer gun as much as alloy/steel, but these guns are exceptionally versatile.

3) Sig Sauer P226- I love this gun's balance and it's as accurate as you could ask a sub $1000 gun to be. Excellent trigger. Like every other gun on this list, it boasts a strong service record. You can spend heavy for a prettied up version or go basic...and they're all tough as nails.

2) Browning Hi-Power/P35- Like the P226, this gun is very well-balanced and accurate. I prefer the BHP's slim profile and pointability to the Sig's, but BHP triggers often aren't so great in my experience. This might be the most widely issued military (worldwide) service sidearm over the last century. Outstanding track record and enjoys an undeniable prestige. Oh yeah- and they're beautiful.

1) CZ 75- On par with the P226 and BHP in my opinion, but costs hundreds less. I shoot all three regularly, and I like the CZ's trigger (mine has the Omega trigger) best. It's a heavy gun, and a little rougher finish and less nostalgic than the HP. But it's every bit as accurate and pointable. I essentially learned to shoot on this I shoot it better than any other and that no doubt has biased my opinion a bit. I also appreciate the variety of finishes available, to suit almost any taste.

bontrager92fs 09-06-2011 07:21 PM

berettas coming in @#5?!

Quentin 09-06-2011 07:55 PM

Well almost all of the 9mms I own are dated but here they are in order of preference as a shooter:

1) FM Hi Power (and some day will buy a Browning/FN)
2) Luger (2, WWI and WWII) (my true favorites but not practical pistols today)
3) FEG Hi Power DA knockoff (surprisingly good pistol, functions well but a little clunky compared to the true SA HP. Much like a S&W 59)
4) Walther P1/P38 (very much like the Beretta 92/M9, but dated. Very good DA and SA trigger)
5) Taurus Millennium Pro PT-111 DAO (adequate gun, nothing to brag about but works every time and fairly small. Heavy DOA trigger)

Like them all but my Argentine Hi Power is clearly my favorite. Perfect fit, nice function. Fully a Hi Power and licensed by FN.

If I were buying a modern 9mm I'd have to give it some thought. The Taurus I have is ok for CCW but it's likely I'd get a Glock 26 if buying a 9mm for CCW. I like the Glock 19 but went with its twin in 40S&W, the 23.

ETA:I am very tempted to buy a S&W 59 or equivalent. And very much want a real BHP.

TGReaper 09-08-2011 03:09 AM

Top 5 9mms
STI Ranger 11

Sig 226 E2

Ruger NM BlackHawk .357 W a 9 mm Cyl.

I have owned Browning HP, CZ 75, and Glock but I prefer the trio listed above
they cover any thing I want to do with a 9 mm.


CA357 09-08-2011 04:42 AM

1. Browning Hi Power (There's a reason it's called "King of the Nines")

2. CZ 75

3. Sig P226

4. Walther P1/P38

5. Luger

ZombieKiller83 09-08-2011 05:53 AM

Ones that i've personally shot:
1. Ruger SR9c as this gun is the most solid 9mm i own. The trigger is beautiful, for a smaller gun it fits my hands great, the 1911 style safety is a plus, it's ambi, versatility of the compact and full size grip(sorry Cali) and it's even easy enough to tear apart so i could remove the lame magazine disconnect!

2. E.A.A Witness as it's a CZ-75 clone, what's not to like! And everyone knows the CZ has alot of traits borrowed from the Browning High Power. This gun has been a solid performer for me, not the prettiest or lightest gun but it's damn accurate and reliable

3. Springfield XD I myself do not own one but i love getting trigger time with my buddies. The trigger is great and it's very accurate. Not the prettiest damn thing but it works and it works great!

4. Taurus PT92 as mine was my very first gun purchase and it's been nothing but accurate and reliable for me. The PT series from Taurus seems to be a ton less hit or miss compared to their other firearms. I chose it over a Beretta because i'm not a fan of the slide mounted safety on the Beretta's.

5. Magnum Research Baby Eagle First 9mm handgun i've ever fired and it's another firearm that is closely modelled to a CZ-75

A list based on what i think would be the top 5
1.Browning High Power like CA said, they don't call them "King of Nines" for no reason

2.Glock 9mm's phew that was hard to say but no one can disprove their hell and back reliability

3. M&P 9mm's it's a Glock with a little something called ergonomics! They don't have the publicised track record of Glocks but give it time as there is a reason more LE agencies are trading in their Glocks for M&P's

4. P226 there's a reason elite agencies like the Navy SEALS adopted them, they are great guns. For those who don't know, the Sig 226 actually beat the Beretta in the military's pistol trials but Beretta offered a better price to the government :rolleyes:

5. CZ-75 It's just a great all around performer:D with traits from the BHP

sweeper22 09-09-2011 02:56 AM


Originally Posted by CA357 (Post 576732)
1. Browning Hi Power (There's a reason it's called "King of the Nines")

2. CZ 75

3. Sig P226

Suffice it to say, I like your style. Your top 3 mirrors my own...with the slightest of wrinkles.

AznZOhAn 09-09-2011 03:20 AM

1. Browning hi-power
2. Glock 17&19
3. Sig P226&P229
4. Springfield Armory XD
5. Beretta 92

Thebiker 09-10-2011 06:02 PM

1. Browning Hi-Power
2. Sig P226
3. CZ 75

That's only 3, but that would be my 9mm list anyway. If I were currently purchasing, it would be the Browning since I already have the Sig.

Unfortunately, I don't own a Browning but I have put a lot of rounds through a buddy's. SWEET doesn't begin to do it justice.

The P226 is my usual companion.

The CZ 75 is a nice piece at a very attractive price.


hardluk1 09-11-2011 07:23 PM

Glock 17
kahr cm9 and cw9

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