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kiabe1 03-20-2013 02:47 AM

taurus 24/7 g2c 45 acp
Hi guys i was hoping to hear what people think of the quality of this firearm

robertb6112 03-20-2013 03:13 AM

I've been eyeing this gun up also. But have no personal experience with it. I know Taurus's has a lifetime warranty and there usually quick at fixing it and getting the gun back to you.

12fretter 03-20-2013 04:17 PM

I, too, have been eyeing this. The Gen 2 has great features to it and I've dry fired a 9mm version in a store and it really felt good. But I'll be honest, other forums have been really down on Tauruses inconsistency in quality. That's why I'm leaning toward an XDs now. From what I understand, it's twice the gun, and much more concealable. But I look forward to others chiming in on this.

kiabe1 03-22-2013 06:51 PM

I was kind of leaning towards the taurus after handling the weapon and reading about their excellent warranty but any more info would be excellent

TX45 03-22-2013 07:35 PM

I have two 24/7 G2's in 9mm and .45. The .45 is the better gun of the 2, the 9mm fit leaves a lot to be desired (the rounds rattled in 1 of the 2 mags that came with the gun and both mags rattled in the mag well so bad). The 24/7 G2 .45 is an excellent .45 gun, though. I don't have the G2C but plan to get 1 in .45.

12fretter 03-22-2013 07:48 PM

I've changed my mind again and decided to go with the Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact Pro. The dimensions are not much more than the Thunder 380 that I carry now, so I think it will be an easy transition. And I've had nothing but great luck with the Thunder 380 that I trust Bersa's quality. Plsu, I've never heard a bad word about them.

readygirl 03-24-2013 01:40 AM

I have always heard Taurus builds decent revolvers, but to steer clear of their auto's

TX45 03-24-2013 04:36 AM


Originally Posted by readygirl (Post 1188034)
I have always heard Taurus builds decent revolvers, but to steer clear of their auto's

Their semi-auto's are very good. I have quite a few of Taurus SA's and they're very good guns. The Taurus OSS .45 Tactical is one of my favorites, so is the PT145. Both my 24/7 G2's are great handguns, too, despite the mag rattling issue on the G2 9mm.

BsonomaMN 03-24-2013 07:59 PM

I've got a G1 45 24/7 and love it! At first I had issues with some of the rounds feeding properly and after a call to Taurus they suggested slightly bending open the tabs on the top of the mag and give it another shot before sending it in and that cleared up the issue. I love this pistol and wouldn't hesitate picking up another. I've been eyeing up their PT709 as another option for CC.

TX45 03-24-2013 08:32 PM

Me too, I'm eying the 709 Slim SS for concealed carry in the summer time.

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