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Striker fire vs hammer fire

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Originally Posted by SSGN_Doc View Post
And I'd argue the other way. A 1911 with a thumb safety doesn't need a grip safety. Browning actually designed the gun without it. The Army's Cavalry is who pushed for the grip safety in case the gun was dropped from a horse with the safety off.
I prolly wouldn't have one for anything but a pure range gun without it . It would be like a desert eagle in that regard. However it came about the grip safety was an act of genius.
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Originally Posted by JimRau View Post
I have shot A LOT of all of them and the BEST striker fired pistol is my M&P, bar none. And this is not just my observation as I have had many others try it and ALL of them agree it is the best trigger they have ever used in a striker fired platform.
I have to disagree with the comment about the 'best' training is shooting is a single action revolver. To me the 'best' training is shooting a double action in double action all the time. This is how I trained for 14+ years with a M19 S&W and it gave me the best foundation for ALL handguns you can get. When you learn to control the trigger for the full double action pull and shoot well you can handle any trigger.
To answer the question. I prefer 'metal' guns with a 'hammer'. aka S&W 5903 or a 6906. There is nothing the 'plastic' striker fired pistol can do that my metal guns can't do as good if not better.
Funny you say that, I never cared much for M&P trigger. My FNS and XDm both feel infinitely better IMO.

I'm surprised to see so many votes for hammer over striker here. It seems like I see sales of striker fired handguns growing more rapidly but maybe that is simply because there are becoming more and better offerings.

In any practical tactical scenario, I think the differences are negligible and it really comes down to what you prefer.

I personally prefer hammer fired handguns.

What sucks is appendix IWB carry with a hammer digging into your stomach. I have scar tissue from years of it.

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What ssgn doc was referring to is an early example of system redundancy. How many of those are in that sub. In a perfect world it would be a waste. The Army was thinking real. I wonder if it was Col Thompson's idea to improve on what Moses himself had wrought.

I think the bias toward hammer vs striker is in part a bias toward older, heavier, better fit and finished guns that happened to have hammers.

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There's nothing wrong with using either platform, but the striker fired pistols are here to stay.

I've argued the point before, but I like simple. The Glock and M&P are examples of simple striker fired weapons. The Tokarev and Makarov are examples of simple hammer fired pistols.

Good/better/best is subjective, but generally speaking simpler is better if you're betting your life on it.

With respect to recoil, bore axis, and trigger manipulation, I'll say this:

Recoil seems softer with the plastic framed guns and the plastic does flex a bit when the pistol is fired. Steel and aluminum are more rigid. Bore axis does have something to do with how fast you can make a follow up shot, but a good grip is a lot more important. With respect to trigger manipulation, you either practice the fundamentals of marksmanship or you don't.

Anyone who tells you, "This car over here I can drive so much better than that car over there" doesn't really drive a car very well. The same goes with shooting handguns, apart from guns that simply don't fit the hand or are too heavy to hold up for any length of time.

I've shot a variety of revolvers and pistols in varying calibers, barrel length, action configurations, grips, etc. There's nothing that a 9MM Glock does that a 9MM Hi-Point won't do. There's nothing magical about 1911's or .45 ACP or .357 Magnum (apart from what goes on between someone's ears).

Buy what you like. If it fits your hand and you can afford to shoot it and you like it, go for it.
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I like and shoot both type triggers, SA, DA, Striker it does not matter but I only carry a DA type trigger and they happen to be striker fired. Hunt with revolvers with both sa and da and have used both. So long as the pull is smooth is all that really matters.
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The reasons I like the G19 are very simple, there are not many 6" guns that have a 4" barrel. The G19 is easy to carry and the gun doesn't hurt me when strapped in with a seat belt. The G19 has the same sight radius as a Beretta 92FS. For bullseye shooting I prefer the M&P or XD but self defense is a different beast than bullseye shooting. I prefer the G19 for self defense.

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