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liftedtrucks4me 03-29-2010 01:23 AM

smith and wesson 22
I just got a Smith & Wesson .22A. What kind of upgrades can I do to this pistol to make it the most powerful? I realize there isn't alot to do with such a small caliber but there has to be some kind of accessories to it.

Rick1967 03-29-2010 02:03 AM

The best thing you can do with a 22 is practice, practice and then practice some more. And heck it's a lot of fun too!

Gojubrian 03-29-2010 02:33 AM

It's just a .22. You don't need to make it more powerful, it's still going to be a .22.

You could get a scope or red dot scope. I put a cheap red dot scope on my old buckmark.

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