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jps37033 03-01-2010 03:59 AM

Simple Review SR9C -
Ok, Let me start by saying that I have had in the last year:
Glock 23 - Loved the gun, hated the grip bulkiness-
Bersa .380 - Loved the gun and reliability, hated the ammo cost
Glock 39 - Loved the gun, hated the grip bulkiness
Ruger p95 - Love Ruger, but this one jammed too much (bad mags I think)
Kel Tec p32 - Hated gun, slide bite, and everything else
Kimber Pro TLE w/rail - Hated the single action, PERIOD!
Taurus Millenium pt111 - Great Grip, couldnt hit broad side of the Continent!

I loved the feel of the first Ruger SR9 I handled. I thought to myself, if they copy this to a compact, I am all in!

Well, my local shop got a few in. I went and handled it. Hearts were floating, glances were exchanged, I was in love! The gun comes with a peirce type extension for the 10 rounder, and a 17 rounder that feels like the full size. Comes with the same sights that are windage and elevation adjustable!. Same reversable backstrap that fits my smaller hands perfect.

I opted for the blackened stainless model. I walked out the door with the gun and 100 rounds for $440 with tax (not typical pricing, but they sell to me at cost plus $10).

I will say that unless you have superpowers, you cannot release the slide! It takes two hands, thumbs, and an act of miracle to depress the slide release. And, it wasnt just me, everyone tried it. And we also tried all 5 they had in stock. The catch is in need of polishing. Regardless, fit, finish, and overall quality was awesome.

I took it home, grabbed 200 rounds of WWB FMJ, and 40 rounds of Federal 124gr Hydra Shok.

The gun comes saturated in some awful smelling gunk. So, I think a good test is to shoot it without cleaning to let it gum up and see how it acts.

240 rounds went through without a hickup! I will say this gun had less recoil than ANY handgun above a .22 caliber I had ever fired!

I had to adjust the sights up and right, and the gun was WAY more accurate than I was. At 10 yards, I could hold a wimpy grip, get on bullseye, and squeeze one off. - BULLSEYE. It is capable of better groups than I am.

I take it home, clean it real good. Take another 120 rounds out ( and now I am going to ultra test it!) I stagger my mags in all my carry guns with a hollow point followed by a FMJ for better penetration on heavy clothing, etc.

SO, a 17 rounder and a 10 rounder both staggered with 4 types of various ammo; Federal Hydro's, WWB, Remington FMJ's, and corbons.....

Not a single hiccup.

This is a gun that will be on my side!

And the best part (after hours of looking in the wrong places) - Ruger sells an awesome set of Night Sights for $119 for the SR9 series. Its a dot the "I" tritium set.

I highly recommend this pistol! This one wont be sold, and another will be added to the safe for zombie day!

Shihan 03-01-2010 04:14 AM

What No Pron?:D

Very Glad you like it. Sounds like you are satisfied. Thanks for the info.

jps37033 03-01-2010 04:20 AM

I apologize for the lack or Gun porn. Digi camera is at work. Will get some skin pics tomorrow morning and indulge the metal lovers!

jbd 03-01-2010 12:41 PM

ive been considering this gun, one of a about 4 handguns that i have interest in. im glad to see ur happy with it that will help me when the time comes for me to pick it up. happy shooting!

jps37033 03-04-2010 12:23 AM

Adding the Porn :eek: - Gun now has 450 flawless through it. 200 more this coming weekend - If I get any more attached and it continues to keep its act together, I will be adding a few more of these to the safe:
Also, found night sights for it on the ruger store website!

CA357 03-04-2010 01:01 AM

Thanks for the report and the pics. :cool:

Gojubrian 03-04-2010 01:06 AM

Very nice? How is the trigger? How is it compared to your xd? :)

That sure looks easy to carry.

jps37033 03-06-2010 01:14 AM

It is very easy to carry. I can compare it to:
Taurus pt111 - Its thinner, a smidgit longer
Bersa .380 - Same size
XD 3inch - Thinner, shorter, lighter

The trigger is gritty with an easy fix... Take the striker out of the channel, run a few q-tips thru it with the last one VERY lightly oiled, result is a fine, smooth, 6lb pull. Also, the best I can describe it is at first it has a "Stage" trigger... It comes back, and you feel a pause, pull it some more, and another stage/pause, then it breaks. 400 rounds and that is gone. Its smooth all the way thru.

I dont get kickbacks from ruger, but have always loved their P series (P94 and P95). I know they are bricks/tanks. You cant beat them for reliability, but they are HUGE.

Ruger broke the mold with the SR9c. I have been looking for the perfect gun. Home and carry. The SR9c is it - =

Barrel Length - Good for home, Great for carry
Weight - Doesnt get any better
Grip - Thin, not bulky, adjustable backstrap
Capacity - 10+1 or 17+1.... What else is there
Reliability - mine has 400 rounds without the thought of a hiccup
Looks (not so important, but SWEET! )
Extras - pinky extension included, 2 mags, etc
Sights - Windage and Elevation adjustable... Come on!
Night sights available through meprolight (on and Rugers web store)

ACCURACY - I am on the verge of a beginner shooter (somewhat bad with lousy grip but getting better. At 7 yards, if I somewhat try and aim at the bullseye, its dead on. This gun will forever be far more accurate than I am. I had a buddy lay down, and sandbag rest it at 15 yards. He ate the bullseye (3" diameter ring) out of the target 2 times, once with 10+1 and then with the 17+1.

And..... Ruger Customer Service, American Made, what else can I say...... Im stocking my safe with SR9's and SR9c's......

Im selling my XD and newest glock (39) and buying two more SR9's.

Just my 2 cents tho. Please do fondle one for yourself.....

Told a guy at work today, If I could fit a garter belt on it, I'd marry the gun! :)

Westy 03-06-2010 02:21 AM

Didn't know they were making a compact! An SR9 is my normal carry piece. Guess I'll have to check one of these out!

jps37033 03-06-2010 02:43 AM


Originally Posted by Westy (Post 242151)
Didn't know they were making a compact! An SR9 is my normal carry piece. Guess I'll have to check one of these out!

I beleive they announced the subcompact in December. It was scheduled for Mid February. I got mine end of February.

It is the SR9, minus a half inch on barrel, 1.6 on grip, and same price.

Noe it comes with a 10 round mag with a flat and a perice grip type extension and a full grip length mag.

So you can carry same capacity minus .7 inches of barrel, or carry with .7 minus inches of barrel and 1.1 inches of grip.

Absolutely awesome.

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