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old fart 12-12-2009 08:54 PM

sccy cpx1?
has anyone shot one of these?, i seen one at my local store for $250.00. it handled beautifully and it was double action only. it has a lifetime warranty, the dealer said he's sold several with no complaints. it looks like a kel-tec, it has either a s.s. slide or a black s.s. slide. so does anyone know about these?, thanks for any help.

NGIB 12-12-2009 10:51 PM

There's a reason is has the warranty - it needs it. I've known 3 people that owned one and each had severe trouble and mechanical failures.

You do get what you pay for...

group17 12-14-2009 03:13 PM

When compared to a Keltech 9 the fit and finish looks much better.
Then you read the reviews. Not so good.

old fart 12-14-2009 10:47 PM

i went yesterday and bought one, after the gun shop told me if i didn't like it they would give me my money back. well today i shot it 50 rounds, i love this gun its great. the shop guy said there is alot of people who try to put too many rounds thru a small gun at once and they wont take it. he said there will be some guns in all brands that are bad but the most troubles come from over shooting them. he ask if i shoot my j frame s&w 357 hundreds of rounds at the range i quickly said no, i knew what he ment, these small guns were ment to be shot little and carried alot. i fired from 10-25 yds. all my shots were in a saucer size area, most i could cover with my hand. which brings me to one of the main troubles people are having with this gun. the safety did not engage once on me, but i have small hands and short fingers. if someone buys one of these guns with big hands, i would get the safety kit from sccy and bypass it. my thumb is well below the safety but a larger hand would hit it. i love this gun glad i bought it, also my serial # is over 31,000 so it one of the newest ones. mabe they got all the bugs worked out.

old fart 12-17-2009 08:13 PM

well i fired 50 more rounds today, was gonna just fire 20 but got a good price on a 100 rd box so i shot 50 more, will save the other 50 for next time in about a month i guess. the gun still worked perfect, no failures at all but i did forget to hold tight on a few shots. no problems except my shots went a little high, when the gun moved in my hand. i still like the gun, but will get something bigger to shoot regular. i will carry the cpx concealed as soon as i get my permit, it has shown me it can be relied on, thanks.

old fart 12-30-2009 01:45 AM

thought i would update my sccy cpx-1, put 50 rounds thru it in the last two days. still not one failure at all, shoots great groups and i'm getting better with the trigger. a couple of friends of mine have bought one as well, they shot 100 rounds each of the wwb from wal-mart these two days. wal-mart seems to be keeping ammo ok now, now if they will just carry hollow points. one ran flawless the other had one failure to fire at about the second mag., but the second pull it went off i like the second strike this pistol has. i read alot of the reviews on this gun, seems the majority of bad ones were back in the beginning, and less and less bad ones are coming up. in fact been reading alot of positive ones lately, mabe the bugs are worked out. i guess all companys start out with bad apples , and there will be bad ones in any gun from time to time down the road, as quality control in all companys isn't as good as it should be. but i'm happy with mine and guess in the end thats all that matters,talked to sccy today after i finished, very friendly talked to a guy named don nice guy. he said that they don't reccomend any steel case ammo, or remington ammo. remington he said has problems with their primers that don't work well with the cpx. i'm ok with that i'm using wwb for most shooting, but am putting some fiochie hp ammo thru it for defense practice. don said that fiochie was just fine and since cabela's has a good price on it now i'm getting it. i wished all companys would take more time to test there guns before sending them out, it seems to me it would save them money in the long run. thanks

CodyWalkerJr 01-02-2010 07:14 AM

im glad you got a good one....even Glocks explode sometimes....guns can have flaws...if you found a good one that you can trust than that is great

keep shootin!

gorknoids 01-04-2010 11:31 PM

Every time I take the AMT Backup to the range, the crowd throws vegetables at me and I have to keep dodging lettuce, tomatos, and that big shepard's crook they keep trying to yank me away with. Sumbitch runs good, though.

JoshX3Magazine 01-05-2010 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by gorknoids (Post 208454)
Every time I take the AMT Backup to the range, the crowd throws vegetables at me and I have to keep dodging lettuce, tomatos, and that big shepard's crook they keep trying to yank me away with. Sumbitch runs good, though.

I just wanted to point out at this juncture that I'd have rolled out of bed this morning just to read that.

I have a CPX-1 that I got for an amazing deal, which was the primary reason I took it home. I have to admit, mine actually runs quite well. The only concerns I have with mine is that on occassion, due to the placement of the thumb safety, I can accidentally nudge it on with my thumb when I'm shooting. Once I figured that out and became a little more conscious about my thumb placement, it hasn't been a problem.


old fart 01-05-2010 02:26 PM

i'm lucky in that my hands are small, which is why i chose the sccy over a p95. it fits me good and the safety doesn't get in the way. just thought i would give my latest update on my cpx-1, my friends came over yesterday and wanted to shoot(man it sure is cold hope my gun don't freeze lol). well they had went to wal-mart and bought 300 rounds of wwb ammo, we went out in my back yard and began our shooting. after firing all but 20 rounds at 7-15yds i decided to try 25yds even tho these guns aren't designed for that range. well my 20 rds at 25 yds were pretty good, about 6-8 inch group, a dinner plate size. i figure i'll get better with practice, my 7-15 yds shots were in a 2-3 inch range. the trigger is getting easier as i'm shooting it, and now i have about 200 rounds thru it and still no failure at all. my friends guns ran perfectly as well, i think next time i'm gonna put some hollow points thru it. i know i can trust it with my life with wwb ammo but its fmj and i need to find out about how it likes hollow points. is 200 rds enough ammo thru a gun to say its reliable? thanks for any help.

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