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LegacyClothing 04-13-2014 03:42 PM

SCCY CPX-2 Problems
Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and also new to owning and shooting a firearm. My wife just recently bought me a SCCY CPX-2 (for my birthday) The gun was brand new and I took it to the range for the first time. After about 20 rounds or so through the gun (without any problems) It started failing to extract the brass after firing the round. I would drop the magazine and clear the chamber, reinsert the magazine, load one into the chamber and fire again. It failed to extract the next 5 rounds that I tried to put through it. I was sold American Arms and Ammo Re-manufactured 115 Grain 9mm Luger Ammo from the Gun Range I was at. This is what they recommended for me to use while practicing in the range. I have since sent the gun back to SCCY to have it repaired/fixed. Let me say one thing about SCCY, it took only 4 minutes from the time I called to the time I hung up the phone. The lady took down all my info and emailed me a shipment label. So not only are they fixing it for free, they are paying for all of the shipping costs to send it to them and for them to send it back.

I guess what I am asking is. How do you guys feel about SCCY's CPX-2 Model and do you think the excessive failures to extract could have happened because of the ammo I was using?

indy36 04-13-2014 03:47 PM

I've never seen a bad SCCY review and as you've found, it's telling when a company stands behind their product.

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qwiksdraw 04-13-2014 04:55 PM

Well, SCCY does say it's a no-questions-asked-lifetime warranty.

Did you know if your SCCY is stolen they will replace it? Geez, I hope that never happens.

My CPX-2 has earned it's position as a carry gun.

LegacyClothing 04-13-2014 06:26 PM

What do you guys shoot?
So what kind of ammo do you guys use at the range to shoot your SCCY's? I'm not sure if it was the guns fault or the ammo I was using.

phildenton 04-13-2014 08:35 PM

Im curious too, as ive been thinking of maybe getting one of these.

hardluk1 04-14-2014 11:45 AM

always good to have a known quality ammo to use as a trouble shooter. Just because the range said to use ammo X means its really all that good. Speer lawman and Remington express would be couple of the best to keep a couple box around to use to see if its a ammo issue or handguns.

DrFootball 04-14-2014 07:32 PM

SCCY CPX-2 Problems
My friend next door(a Nurse at our local Hospital who was my Nurse there 2 nights last year) Has one. She says the Slide is hard for her to work but she's getting used to it. Her husband(ex-Navy) has an SR9 two tone...
Again,..I was also interested in this Gun but it was very new a few years ago(2 i guess) so I went with what I knew and got the Rugers. That does not mean they aren't a good gun. the Engs. who Developed this Gun and it's preceding model are a group that left Kel-Tec a few years back to start SCCY...

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flybuddy 04-14-2014 07:42 PM

I would have tried some new box ammo before sending it back..I recently bought a Glock 42. Picked up some .380 reloads from a local company. Shot 2 mags worth and not even one of them would cycle the slide. I then shot several mags of blazers and white box winnies with no issues at all. Have shot hundreds of rounds through it and never any further issues. Anyway, I saw the same company selling at a gun show the following week. I told them what happened..They apologized and said they had a mistake at their factory and somehow underloaded a batch. I was able to exchange 6 boxes and those all functioned well.

LegacyClothing 04-15-2014 12:06 AM

Thanks for the input. It's all helpful. Either way it's already sent back and I feel as though the problem could've been the reloaded ammo I was using. When I get it back I'm going to try another box of the same reloads that I was using. If it still doesn't work, I'll try some different ammo and see how that works and I'll report back.

DrFootball 04-15-2014 07:20 AM

Guns with "Tight" tolerances tend to "Gag" more often on Factory Reloads. Sometimes they have "Issues" with the powder charge of a particular lot. Ex. My series 70 Colt GC will eat just about anything 200Gr. and up. My series 80, not so much...

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