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SgtSam 10-11-2011 10:10 PM

S&W CS9 vs Sig P238!
OK, just a few questions concerning these two firearms, not considering the cartridge!

When looking for a really small CCW firearm, one to carry when you need real ability for the gun to vanish, which one would you pick considering: 1. Conceal-ability; 2. Long term carry; 3. Shoot-ability (recoil, grip, etc.); 4. Control-ability (hitting what you need to, double-tap, etc.); 5. Quality; 6. Reliability.

Yes, I know all the differences between .380 vs 9mm. But, sometimes, you simply must go with a caliber that's not the most optimal. A hit with a .22lr is better than a rock! If I could, I'd carry my 25-06, or one of my shotguns, and not worry about what I'm shooting at. But................! Hence my desire to not discuss the caliber aspect of the equation.

Thanks for your inputs! :D

silverado113 10-14-2011 08:24 PM

My personal choice would be the CS9 for the simple fact that I like it's feel. As far as the rest of the items that are taken into consideration when picking one of these pistols I think they are both really close in the respective categories.

Alpha1Victor 10-14-2011 08:54 PM

I have a sig p238 and i love it. I like the feel of an all metal gun vs polymer. The p238 is small, very easy to conceal but is also big enough to get a firm grip on the gun. As far as reliability both guns are equal. I like the fact that the p238 has fiber optic and night sights. Shooting is a blast, follow up shots are quick and on target. If you have a change to rent these guns from your local range i would recommend doing so before you just decide on one.

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