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Amsdorf 08-12-2012 02:10 PM

Ruger LCP Chapter Two Video
I made a Chapter Two Ruger LCP review video after having some problems with fail-to-extract on it, ran more ammo through it, different ammo, and took it out to longer ranges. Here are the results. Not a single FTE using Winchester White Box .380 Auto. Over 100 rounds worth shot.

Plus, I was surprised at how well it did even at what I consider to be a nearly nutty distance in any realistic SD scenario: 25 yards. I was putting rounds on a six inch target and definitely within 12" center mass area.

Which ammo have you guys found to be the most consistently reliable in the LCP?

Also, a guy suggested I use some sight paint and touch up my front post with bright red, rear with white. Your thoughts?

PanBaccha 08-12-2012 02:17 PM

You back again? :D Just joking, of course. Your videos are enjoyable, as well as your knowledge of subject matter. Yes, I, too, as previously stated in your first upload and post, have as a backup that great lil' canon. What I primarily use for it at the range is PMC fmj. Never a hiccup with that brand. And, too, when carrying concealed Hornady Critial Defense HP during summer, and PMC during winter.

Amsdorf 08-12-2012 08:42 PM

Sounds good. I agree with the reasoning behind using FMJ in the Winter. Interesting, in an ammo test, the round that produced a fairly impressive cavity is good old WWB with the flat nosed bullet it uses.

treehugger49 08-13-2012 05:25 PM

Nice, practical assessment of the capabilities of the Ruger LCP.

I have one with the Crimson Trace LaserGuard and it is my hot weather carry pistol.

Since you asked about our experience with ammo, I must say I disagree with the choice of Hornady Critical Defense round. From the data I have seen, Critical Defense is long on hype and short on performance. My own personal experience with it is even worse - I had numerous hard-primer strikes resulting in failure-to-fire incidences, and after doing some research, I found that Hornady knew about their primer problems and were slow in rectifying the situation. I even tried multiple times via email outlining my problems with the lot number of the box and received not so much as an acknowledgement.

I use FMJ exclusively, but another good HP round probably makes sense in the climates where heavy clothing is not in use.

Nice work on both videos.

Amsdorf 08-13-2012 11:49 PM

Thanks, appreciate it.

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