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F150DVR 10-29-2010 06:17 PM

Range bag help
So I got a range case the other day and hereís the problem, all I have in it is my Sig 226 40s&w. Iím new to rage shooting and I need to know what I should put in it besides ammo and earplugs. Any tips and suggestions like what type of ammo, earplugs and so on is much appreciated. I want this thing to be decked out so Iím going on a mini shopping spree at the local gun store; Impact Guns Home(you can win a gun if you got to impacts website). Remember Iím relatively new to this and I donít want to look like an idiot when I go in there.

NGIB 10-29-2010 06:21 PM

My range bag has a bunch of crap in it like a pocket cleaning kit, little squeeze bottles of oil, tools like a pocket knife, needlenose pliers & screwdrivers, spare gun parts like springs & extra mags for what I'm shooting, some rags, and anything else I think will come in handy...

Squirrel_Slayer 10-29-2010 06:22 PM

when it comes to pistol shooting, I don't really have alot in my range bag. Glasses, something to wipe the lense of the glasses with, a chamber flag as my range requires them during cease fires, even on pistols, hearing protection, a zip lock baggy for collecting brass as I reload all of my ammo, the pitol, and the ammo. That's about it. Now when I head to the rifle range, then I have alot more stuff to bring.

Squirrel_Slayer 10-29-2010 06:23 PM

Oh yeah, I keep a bore snake handy and a few tools necessary to field strip the pistol. A little gun oil and a silicone cloth.

F150DVR 10-29-2010 08:50 PM

I was contemplating weather or not i should keep a cleaning kit in there. I think I'll leave it out and put more ammo in it

FCross7 10-29-2010 09:21 PM

Ive got ammo, ear muffs, glasses, a rag to wipe the gun/parts, a rag to wipe my hands/face (it's hot in florida), a bag with some q-tips, gun oil, a pen or sharpie for marking targets, and a bore-snake if I'm shooting rifles.


zero7one 10-29-2010 10:07 PM

Don't forget targets. You can get a package of 50 paper plates and some of the small colored round stickers for a few bucks. You can also print off an assortment of .pdf targets off from your home computer, and don't forget a stapler if your range does not have one. You may also want to consider a small first aid/trauma kit. Even if your range has one, it may not be properly stocked. Don't forget your cell phone to call 911 if you or someone else needs help. Some sort of baby wipe or material to clean your hands of lead before eating or drinking.

Hope that helps.

Jo da Plumbr 10-29-2010 11:21 PM

Ya might also want to add a S&W MP9
A Colt 1911 45
and a Browning Buckmark 22lr.

Just a thought.:D

Squirrel_Slayer 10-29-2010 11:22 PM

If we are going that direction in range bag additions, I think a S&W Model 29 .44 mag would be a good idea to take with you to the range.

Jo da Plumbr 10-29-2010 11:23 PM

And maybe a wheelie like a Ruger 357:rolleyes:

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