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Pushing Glocks?

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I fired a few Glocks and didn't care much for them. However, I grew up with a 1911 in my hands at all times so I may be partially biased. The thing that bugged me was every single gun I wanted to look at, and every single caliber I showed interest in, the shop guy kept mentioning Glocks over and over.
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Originally Posted by JSDinTexas View Post
It has been my experience that the gun salesman will "push" whatever is going to get them the best commission or what the boss says to get rid of today.
Caveat Emptor
My experience has been different.
Most stores, including gun stores, want repeat business, because that's where the real money is at.
If you sell the guy something that you know he probably will not like, or something that doesn't really suit his wants and needs, he will most likely bring it back.
And if he can't return it he will probably never shop at that store again.
And he will most certainly "bad mouth" the store and warn his friends to stay away from that store.

But if you sell him something that he will enjoy, or something that suits his needs and wants, he will most likely come back time and time again....and he'll probably tell a friend or two.
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Originally Posted by luckyg View Post
....And he will most certainly "bad mouth" the store and warn his friends to stay away from that store.....
Kind of what is going on here i think.

Fact is there are people who LOVE their tupperware. I am (was, until I let the certificate expire) a GLOCK armor. The guns are great. they have a VERY loyal following much like 1911's do. They are designed as a combat/tactical firearm. They will never win awards for looks. not supposed to. They HAVE infact increased PD wide shooting and qualification scores from 20% - 30% in cases where they were introduced as a new side arm for street officers. Fact is Gaston Glock was stumped about the U.S. market when they first hit the states.

In europe it is considered sloppy and extremely bad training to allow a magazine to "Drop Free" of the gun. Original Glock mags were NOT lined with metal. they were all plastic except for the spring. they were designed to swell in the mag well and the shooter had to do a "Tactical Reload" and save his/her mag. The Austrian were discussed in the US because we were so sloppy to want our mags to hit the ground and not retrieve them. The guns developed a bad reputation in the U.S. (Combat Tupperware) at this time for being cheaply built. Not cheap just a different philosophy. I have seen and done things to a glock that would make a billy goat puke and make the skin of an old D.I. crawl if you did those things to a 1911.

Fact is the Glocks are great guns. So don't think a guy is pushing it when he STRONGLY suggests a glock.

One thing a confirmed 1911 fan will tell you (I am one of those also) (and this goes for just about any other magazine fed gun) is IF you plan to keep this in the night stand for a long time, be sure to pull the mag and empty it and let the spring relax. compressed springs for long periods of time are not good and CAN lead to shell feed issues.

That being said.... I have NEVER seen this happen to a factory glock mag, and have replaced a few colt mag springs in the past.... Just don't fill either one up all the way. Don't think u need capacity plus one in the pipe.
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Don't know how to define 'pushy' as I think some gun shops do 'emphasis' one gun over another. But I'll go with the gen 4 response.
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I've never been pushed a Glock. I usually know what I'm getting before I go into a store anyway. I did rent a Glock recently at the range, and although the grip felt a little fat, I was accurate with it, and didn't really have an issue shooting it. A Glock might be in my future.
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No I don't think it's being pushy. I think it's good advice: If in doubt, get a Glock! No external safeties/decockers to worry about, simple and reliable, proven, tons of aftermarket support, don't have to refinance your house or car to buy one...what's there not to like? Oh yeah, the strange grip angle for some. It's one of the only guns I don't own, may NEVER want to own, that appeals to me!
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I've known some shops to run contests seeing who could sell the most brand or pistol Y. Sometimes distributors used to try to get shops in on things like that offering bonuses. Bu tI hadn't heard anything like that happening lately. But I am way out here in the hills now. Like M14 said Glock people are rabid about their particular brand much like 1911 guys are about theirs. So more than likely that's what is going on. If the counter guy/gal is a Glock fan then they might really want to make you a Glock fan too.

I'm a huge 1911 fan and I really like Sig Sauer's too. But I wont tell people to get them. and any decent shop owner/employee should not either. What fits me might not fit you. Some don't like the weight of an all steel weapon, some do. Hands are different sizes. So it's best to get ones hands on as many different weapons as possible. Try and find a renting range and sling a little lead to get a feel for the pistol AND the caliber. Only then can someone be sure what works best for them.

Glock makes a quality weapon. There is no denying that. For me they just don't work. But I know plenty people that love them. They sell a lot of pistols and they have a loyal fan base. So they got to be doing something right. I really don't see a reason for the high pressure sales thing though. If the product is good it will stand on it's own.
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When I worked in a shop, we never pushed.

I asked questions to figure out what they were going to do with it.

Then, I suggested was was in stock, not what I had to order.

NOTE: We did not stock junk.
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