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possibly buying new handgun

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Why would you want to step down to a .380 from a .45 simply because of the size issue and round cost. If youre looking into taurus or ruger, I understand the hard the decision and I love both companies myself. I jave to ask though, have you heard of the taurus pt 145 millenium pro? Its a great 45 cal in a way smaller package but still carries 10 on the mag...and at only 350 (in phoenix) its pretty hard to beat, you should do yourself a favor and check it out!
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I would personally look into a 9mm and you can find quite a few new for the 300 range. Smith and wesson sigma series 9, ruger p95, just a couple that come to mind you may want to check out
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Check Sig SP2022 in 9mm...a lot of gun for the money IMHO.

BTW, 9mm ammo is also the cheapest (defensive) caliber I know of.
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380 ammo costs as much as the 45 ammo. 9mm luger/paraballum is the cheapest to shoot in center fire. A Ruger SR9 or SR9c is about $100 cheaper than a Glock. The Kel-tecs are cheaper yet. The tiny 380 pistols(mouse guns) are not fun to shoot. If you still want a 380, look at Bersa but a Kel-tec PF9 is about the same size, costs about the same and uses cheaper ammo.
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I haven't shot the Taurus, but I have shot the LCP. Tiny guns are tiny to make them easy to carry, not because it makes them fun to shoot. The triggers usually aren't the best, the sights are a bit difficult to use, they're hard to grip with big hands, and the recoil is a bit high considering how small a round they shoot. If you're looking for fun, you will not have found it.

From your description of the gun's intended use, I would say look for a 9mm. Where I buy ammo, .45, .40 and .380 all run $30 or a bit more for a 100-round box of FMJ target (cheap) ammo. The same size box of 9mm goes for a little over $20.

You said you could get a 9mm Glock for $500 and the used .40 for $350? If you shoot a hundred rounds a month, it'll take about a year to make up the cost difference. If you shoot two hundred a month, it'll only take six months. If you shoot a lot, you'll have more than made up for the initial difference in cost very quickly.

If the three you listed are your only options, I'd recommend the Glock. The bigger gun will be more fun to shoot, it'll be about as cheap to shoot as the others, and the stronger round and higher capacity will be more useful for home defense.
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So basically if you get a .380, everyone here will be disappointed.
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I recommend you go to some local shops and check out their inventory. Since you're wanting a cheaper caliber to shoot I highly recommend the 9mm. The .380 is actually more expensive than the 9mm and where I live it's as expensive as the .45ACP. Look for something that feels good to you and fits the bill. One thing I don't recommend is going with Taurus. Their firearms are a hit or miss generally and I just don't see the point on taking that gamble. I'm partial to Ruger and Springfield so I obviously recommend the Ruger SR9c or the XDm 9mm. Again, look for what feels the best to you and fits the bill.
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Given your criteria, I can't imagine why you'd even consider a 380acp.

380acp is:
Generally intended for ultra-compact carry guns
Often difficult to be accurate with, given the gun size
Lacking in power

It's a caliber that's almost exclusively chosen because either the shooter can't handle a larger caliber or because they want a super-compact carry option. FWIW, given your information I'd say that even a 9mm Makarov (9x18) could be a more more practical choice than a 380.

But 9mm Luger sounds like the ideal choice. You can find some really outstanding 9mms for $250-500. A 357/38 or 40sw could be a decent option, but won't save you much in ammo cost. And if you're somehow enamored with a 380acp, it sounds to me like a Bersa Thunder might be the most practical choice for you.
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Originally Posted by Poink88
Check Sig SP2022 in 9mm...a lot of gun for the money IMHO.

BTW, 9mm ammo is also the cheapest (defensive) caliber I know of.
I totally agree! A buddy has one and its tits! I just got a sig p6 for roughly 350. If you can find one of those, I say its your best choice. A sig for 350? Psshhhtt who wouldn't?
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Well I went to the only gun shop I know of that will actually let me look and hold a gun right now since I'm still waiting on my FOID card. Its the same dealer that had the used Glock 22, and after looking looking at all of their guns and prices, and actually holding about 5 different kinds, I decided to go ahead and go for the used Glock 22 Gen 3 they had in stock. Price before tax is just under $400 but that's with a double mag holder, a single mag holder and 2 - 15 round mags. Although I know the ammo isn't as cheap as the 9mm, I couldn't justify the higher cost of a 9mm since I only shoot once or twice a month and will probably only go through 1 box of 50 each time I shoot. It is definitely a lot lighter then the Hi-Point though and is more about the weight I was looking for. I looked at a sub-compact and a compact pistol and neither felt right holding them in my large hand and the Glock 22 felt perfect in my hands. I just hope I'm just as happy shooting it. My father used his FOID to go ahead and put it in his name like we did with the Hi-Point and I'll be picking it up Tuesday. There's a mandatory 72 hour hold that IL requires, so that would be Sun, and they aren't open again until Monday, so I could get it then, but I won't have the cash to pay for it until Tuesday so that's when we agreed to go back and pay for it and pick it up.
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