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bth96 12-04-2013 08:22 AM

Pistol under $800
Been looking around on armslist and been in a few stores looking at pistols. Mainly just want it for around the house and for some target shooting. Was specifically looking at H&K USP models, sig P226, and sig 1911. Would like to hear from owners and see what they have to say about reliability and accuracy. But I'm open to suggestions regarding the specific pistol because I will end up going and looking at one in the stores. I'd just like to know the reliability and the accuracy of the gun and if you're suggesting a pistol if you could please post a picture. Thanks a lot everyone.

bth96 12-04-2013 08:53 AM

anyone have any ideas?

downsouth 12-04-2013 09:53 AM

It's still early. I'm sure you will get plenty of suggestions.

I love my cz75 sp101 tactical. All steel, hi cap, been very reliable.

danf_fl 12-04-2013 10:32 AM

An old Springfield I have still will put 5 rounds touching together at 15 yards if I do my part and the ammo is good.

I would look at the 1911 series platform. I like the trigger better for target practice than your other two choices.

Stillersfan 12-04-2013 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by bth96 (Post 1448740)
anyone have any ideas?

Buy'm all... Cant have to many guns... :D

ScottA 12-04-2013 12:06 PM

Your talking about 3 guns with stellar reputations. It really comes down to which one feels right to you. As for other recommendations, where do we start?

As long as you stick with manufacturers with solid reputations, then so much of selecting a handgun is about how it feels to you. How much experience do you have with firearms?

gr8oldguy 12-04-2013 12:30 PM

You said you were 17 You're too young to being buying handguns.

jjones45 12-04-2013 05:25 PM

If going with hk you might want to look at the p30 and hk45 models since they are basically a newer version of the usp line with better ergonomics, but if not the usp would serve you well. Sig p226 is an awesome gun as well and I hear nothing but good things about their 1911's. It's a toss up there jr, gonna come down to personal preference and what feels/shoots best in your hands

Jagermeister 12-04-2013 05:30 PM

I know you have already seen my P226. Here is my other handgun. HK USP. Excellent polymer handgun used by German police and military. Also used by police and military around the world.

Anna_Purna 12-04-2013 05:42 PM

I have a fetish for CZ-75b's but what you should really do is go to a large store with a ton of selection on handguns, look at them all, ask them what is striker and hammer, and decocker, decide which method you prefer, and then find a comfortable one that fits your hand. There is at least 20 answers to which is the best gun.

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