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Opinions on the XD 45?

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I think the XD is a Better looking gun than the Glock, it also has some uniqueness to it.
So many here in Philadelphia are on a Glock kick, they think they are the best thing since slice bread. When I took my neighbor to the gunshop, the salesman was practically shoving the Glocks down his throat ! Everytime I pointed out a nice gun to my friend this salesguy would interrupt rudely and keep pushing Glocks ! He didn't like the idea of me giving my friend advise and im a 22 year gun veteran ! Well Mr. Glock guy lost out and my buddy walked out with a Walther 40 caliber instead. I hoped he would have gone with the XD but he didn't make a bad choice. Walther has been around about as long as Springfield. Glock, the late 80's ? I like to go with the one with the better track record but it doesn't always mean it's a better gun just because the company is older, but come on were talking Spingfield and Walther here ! Anyway he was happy and so was I that he didn't listen to that pushy, rude, obnoxious salesguy !!

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i just don't like the higher axis line of the XD
the XD and the glock do seem to shoot differently
the grips are at different angles
the XD is a lot more upright -
i think the glock tends to shoot a bit low and the XD shoots a bit high from where aimed
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I have the XDM .40 and a buddy has the XD .45. [I] feel they both shoot the same but actually I like XD grip better. XDM has more of the checkering and XD bit smoother.
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One of the reasons that i did not go with an XD was that it seems like every uppie a-hole at my local range had one. Plus a good friend of mine has one. I went with the beretta px4. don't get me wrong XD's are awesome but then again so is my beretta. i like the rotating barrel, and the fact that it has a hammer, like the way god intended. To me the xd looks like a glock on roids. and for accuracy, come on, a glock is as good as an xd and a beretta and when they work a taurus. if you have to blame a gun as not being as accurate as another, see user first.
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i don't have one, but after watching several episodes of "handguns" on the sportsman's channel, i'm tempted.

they tortured a 9mm xd (m) with thousands of rounds non-stop, water/ice, mud etc. the gun functioned after a cursory cleaning, groups being indistinguishable from the initial groups...ho-hum and yawn! then two tests amazed me. it was tossed from the roof of a house onto a driveway a couple of times...a week after it was dragged behind their vehicle on a gravel drive for about a mile. the gun looked like it had been attacked by a group of crazed beavers, all gnawed up and such, but it functioned flawlessly.

like i said, i don't have one, but i'm sure tempted.


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i have a xdm 9mm and a kimber custom2 .45. love my kimber but undoubtedly i prefer my xdm. i want a xd or xdm 45 next. then a p22 just for fun. you cant go wrong with a xd. so much nicer and more comfortable then a glock imho...
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After owning several Glocks, I eventually decided that I needed to try an XD to see how they compared.
So I bought an XD45 Tactical.
This one....

Opinions on the XD 45? - Semi-Auto Handguns

Opinions on the XD 45? - Semi-Auto Handguns

After owning and shooting it for about six months I had to admit that it just wasn't for me.
There was just no denying it, I shoot Glocks better.
I don't know if it was the higher bore axis of the XD, or the trigger of the XD, or the grip angle, but for whatever reason I was much more accurate with my Glocks than I was with the XD.

Three things that I really disliked about the XD:
1) The slide cannot be racked unless the grip safety is firmly pressed.
I cannot count the times I had to slightly readjust my grip in order to deactivate the safety and rack the slide.
2) I didn't like the trigger-pull all that much because it was long and creepy.
3) It's much more difficult to detail strip than a Glock.

What I did like about the XD:
1)It never failed to fire.
Of course none of my Glocks have ever failed to fire either.
2) I like the take-down method for field stripping the XD.

Bottom line:
It's a good handgun.
Just not as good as a Glock IMO.

Opinions on the XD 45? - Semi-Auto Handguns

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