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Cypher 10-17-2011 01:43 AM

Not sure what to go with
Hey, I am new here, but have been on several other forums. Hopefully there are some new people with new perspectives on here.

Im looking for a handgun, in 9mm. Im very familiar with the glock19 and beretta 92 platforms. I am wanting to get a used handgun more than likely. I hate revolvers.

Ive looked at some of the following:
Beretta 92/Taurus PT92
S&W M&P9 (i rented the c version, liked it, but did poorly with it)
SIG p250
S&W 6906

I dont really know what I would like. Right now, I am thinking about getting a glock and then getting a KelTec Sub2k to compliment it.

At the same distances, I did better with a Taurus 92 than a G19, which was better than when I used the M&P9c.

I guess the short version is what would be a good choice, and have you had experience with any of the above. Would you advise against any of the above, and if so, why.

trip286 10-17-2011 01:50 AM

Welcome to FTF!

All the guns on your list are very fine, but many people hate taurus for different reasons (I'm not one of them, it's my opinion that they are decent guns). At this point I'd say just get the one your most comfortable/perform the best with.

They are all from reputable and quality manufacturers, good warranties and customer service, and are very respectable pieces of iron. Again, some would make the exception on the taurus.

I am curious though, why do you hate revolvers?
There are many reasons people state, and many solutions to the average Joe's problem with them, and I would love to discuss this with you.

Cypher 10-17-2011 02:08 AM

I guess hate isnt the right word. Uncomfortable is a much more accurate term. See, I am 21. My family dont own guns other than me (I have two rifles). All handguns I have shot have been friends, or family friends, or range rentals.

Ive handled two revolvers in my range trips compared to about 12 autoloaders. And both of them came with a heck of a learning curve.

First time with pistols, they started me out on a Ruger MK3 .22. Then, Glock 19c. Then, they hand me a .357 mag stub nose. Yeaaaaah. Lil bit of a jump. (similar story with rifles that day. 10/22, AR15, AK74, Gew98. Owch. FUN, but owch when you arnt expecting it)

Second time I was much more familiar with handguns, having delt with the glock more. I started the day with a Glock, then a taurus 92. And then time for the wheelgun. Taurus Judge. Started with .45Lc. It wasnt too bad. I guess with me being alot more used to handguns. But then the .410 was a bit of a shock.

So, its not that I hate them, I just am not familiar with them, and because of that, I prefer the magazine reloading instead of cylinders. I plan on owning a revolver some day, but I dont really want one for my first. I feel a revolver would be something to go great with handloading, or at least starting in handloading.

Ive heard similar of taurus (especially with the 92 version) I own a S&W rifle, Love it, and like the company. I really like the M&P, but I also like glock.

I really like the 92 platform, and I am thinking about getting a used Beretta, but they are considerably more than most of the other choices I am looking at. For a New beretta, I could get a used G19 and the Sub2k. (II like this idea because I own two .22's, but no shotguns, handguns, or large rifles)

trip286 10-17-2011 02:35 AM

Well to each his own...
For the record though, whoever put you on a snubbie .357 didn't do you any favors.

Personally I love revolvers, particularly S&W double actions, any of them.

They do take some getting used to, and if your more comfortable with auto loaders, then that is the most respectable argument for them.

Whatever your most comfortable with on your list is what I would go with.
I don't really care for GLOCKs myself (aesthetic reasons mostly), but I'm very accurate with them, go figure. And a sub2000 would make a pretty good cool companion for it.

I really don't see much advice to give you other than that. It sounds like you've checked these all out, pretty much the decision is up to you.

trip286 10-17-2011 02:39 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Check this one out. Model 65-2 in .357 magnum (BTW you know they can shoot .38 special right?) And a couple of little things I changed on it.

Austin1 10-17-2011 02:42 AM

Are you opposed to metal frame guns

Cypher 10-17-2011 03:43 AM

Trip: that looks beautiful. And wouldnt be as bad as the stub i shot. And the .38 is a great part in that of itself.

Austin: Not at all. I was looking at a PPK/s but decided against .380. The SW 6906 is all metal. I would consider 1911's, but not for a first gun (they are generally around here 700+ used or some abortion of silver and gold (taurus celebration models)

trip286 10-17-2011 04:21 AM

Yes a 4" bbl doesn't jump around nearly as much as a snubbie. Mine in particular I feel has grips that are a bit to slender and coming from me that means a lot as I have pretty small hands for being a 6' 220 pound guy. Hence the block of wood in the first pic, I'm working on building my own grips.

Cypher 10-17-2011 04:28 AM

Yeah, Im 5'10 220lbs, and well, small grips dont agree with me. I looked breifly at a ruger LC9 and the super tiny keltec.

However, a walther P22 feels great. Yay for double standards.

trip286 10-17-2011 04:38 AM

The grips on mine are too narrow front to back, and allow my hand to ride up too high. There is a grip adapter for it, but carving on a piece of wood is free so I'm going to try that route first, plus it's something I can take pride in-my own workmanship. I've smoothed the trigger face, bobbed the hammer, stoned all the internals, and smoothed all the pins. It functions slick as snot. Haven't had a chance to shoot it since bobbing the hammer and I worry the hammer may be too light (sometimes happens after an operation like that) but I have a spare. My next step is to get a reduced weight trigger return spring (it's the one most responsible for the trigger pull weight).

I'm not trying to sell you on getting one, I just like to talk about mine!

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