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Loading a Kahr PM9

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I don't know if any semi auto pistol manufactures supply info concerning carrying +1. I tend to load using the slide release, then remove the mag and add the +1. Might be habbit or my need to see a clear breach for more than a mili second before charging my pistol.
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Originally Posted by CHLChris View Post
Interesting. I've got NO problems with racking the slide correctly on my Glock, so I'd be fine on the Kahr. You make a great point from a logical perspective that a complete cycle occurs on every shot so that should mean that correctly racking the slide on a full magazine shouldn't cause any problems. Plus, the idea that manufacturers are prone to make suggestions that would be least possible to cause problems. Another logical point in your favor.

However, your experience here is general. I'd like to hear from Kahr owners, too. I'm pretty closed to convinced with this solid bit of reasoning.

Plus, I don't like using the slide stop because a) it is a pain to have to add that extra step and b) very minutely I am causing extra wear on my slide stop lever each time I load the first round this way.

Thanks JonM!
watch this video from hickcok45 you'll see him demonstrating several times that the proper racking of the slide works just fine.

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Just remember that a woman sued (and won) McDonald's cause she burned herself with hot coffee. Why did she win? Cause there was no "Caution: This **** is hot!" written on the cup. The steam and the cup being hot to the touch didn't clue her dumbass in so she burned herself and it was their fault. Now if she can win millions from that, imagine what a firearms manufacturer could lose from someone losing and eye, a finger, or their life from doing something retarded and the owner's manual not implicitly telling them NOT to do it? Sometimes I weep at how stupid humanity can be...
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Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931 2005

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