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Loading clip capacity +1 (For concealed carry)

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Originally Posted by pioneer461 View Post
I must respectfully disagree with Ronseresurplus on this one. Modern firearms, one of which is the Glock, are designed to be carried with a round in the chamber, and a full magazine. This is also true for 1911's. The only other way I know of loading a round in the chamber would be to open the action, drop a round in the chamber and release the slide into battery. That, however, can damage the extractor and is not recommended by any manufacturer
+1. I am in full agreement with pioneer on this issue. Dropping one "in the pipe", and releasing the slide can cause damage to several types of modern extractors.

I carry my 1911 with a full mag, +1 in the chamber, hammer back, safety on, and have never had a single issue. I do remove the mag, insert a new round, and do the normal mag tap on the palm of my hand prior to reinserting, but I have never seen an issue created by loading this condition in this way.


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my stepbrother taught me that the mag tap on the hand just helped insure proper feed of the rounds, he never said anything about it helping when you keep one in the chamber. i guess it makes sense though.

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Originally Posted by Missing Something View Post
Hummm.... I never have had a problem with that.....

I load a mag into the gun and chamber a round. I then remove the mag and top it up with 1 more round and seat the bullets by hitting the back of the mag on the palm of my hand. I then reinsert the full mag back into the gun.

I have never had a FTF or stovepipe stopage.

I use a Glock 22 and 29.

just my 2 cents.
Ditto that.
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With My Training And Experience An Empty Chamber Is An Empty Pistol. I'm Required To Carry +1"fully Loaded" And Have Never Had A Single Ftf After Approx 10,000 Rounds With My Service Piece. Also Dropping The Slide With One In The Pipe Is Not Recommended As I Have Seen An Extractor Crack On A S&w 5946 (still Functioned Though). Load Your Mag, Run The Slide, Drop It And Top It, Reinsert Without Worry.
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I have a fairly new Beretta-PX4 Storm (40-cal). I top-it-off ( from the mag, then re-fill the mag) and keep it 14+1, though I don't carry yet. I occasionally do this at the range, and have had no issues.

I just noticed that a full mag has about a 1/2 round of "extra-room". This is probably what allows me to put a full magazine in a gun already in battery - the rounds are just pushed down that little bit.

Now I just got my extended 17-round mag today. Possibly the spring is too new, but it doesn't seem to have that extra bit of play. I was able to force the full-mag into the gun with the slide closed (empty chamber -since i'm playing), but it was not a good fit. It is putting ALOT of stress on the mag-release catch.

I don't understand how cramming the rounds in there would cause a jam. Presumably the top-round will always be comfortably pressed up against the feed-mechanism. For now though I'm not going to go 17+1, at least till this mag-spring breaks-in a little; not feeling good about it yet.

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Hey Ron L, did you know the Israeli military and police carry their semi-auto pistols with an empty chamber? I've seen some of their training videos and I'm here to tell ya, they manage to chamber a round and fire it with some pretty amazing speed.

Loading clip capacity +1 (For concealed carry) - Semi-Auto Handguns
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Congratulations to RONSERESURPLUS!

You are the first person I have, ever, encountered on the internet who knows better than to load a semiautomatic pistol to full magazine capacity +1 in the chamber - Especially in 45 acp caliber, too!

You are, also, exactly correct; and, I have sufficient field experience with a Glock G-21 to verify everything that you have said. If I wanted to guarantee myself a, 'top round jam' within, say, the next 100 rounds all I have to do is continue to load my G-21 magazines to full magazine capacity +1. It WILL happen!

This problem is, also, exacerbated by the use of +10% magazine springs which are commonly used, nowadays, in many Glock 45 acp pistols. (Like mine!) I've had this internet argument on several different occasions and been told that I'm, 'nutz' over at Glock Talk where many of the active law enforcement crowd have acquired the personal habit of loading to full magazine capacity +1 as a matter of daily routine, and insist there isn't a problem.

My point (and now your point, too) is that: Sometimes you can get away with it; and, sometimes you can't. Because of other variables like different: spring tension, bullet ogive, your grip, and feed rail design, a 45 acp Glock pistol is the very last handgun I would want to carry at full magazine capacity +1.

(But, hey, as I've often said: Feel free to do whatever you like. I mean, after all, I ain't the one standing behind your gun!)

Yes, again, I'm another old gunman who carries his Glock in C-3 and regularly practices using a (modified) Israeli draw; i.e.: Support hand over the top of the slide, palm down, all the way back and release. On smaller frame semiautomatics I use the slingshot method of pulling the slide back between my thumb and index finger.

As far as I'm concerned: My family is safer; and, I am more at ease with loaded weapons inside my home - Where if something can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. Sure, the question could be asked: Am I in any greater danger for routinely carrying this way? No, I don't think so. Just disadvantaged, perhaps, by the need to use two hands on the draw.

In fact, if anything, I'm a little more alert than most other of the other gunmen I know. This is because I recognize the slight disadvantage C-3 carry entails, and constantly seek to stay one step ahead of whatever's going on around me.

PS: Because it, probably, needs to be said: Would I endorse C-3 carry for law enforcement use? Not in America, I wouldn't! C-1 is the right way for American law enforcement to go.

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