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Amsdorf 08-10-2012 11:19 AM

The Little Gun That Could HD VIDEO
You got to love the little Ruger LCP. If you are unable to carry something larger, or need a backup pistol, the "Elsie Pea" will do the trick. I had a good work out with my LCP at the gun club and this video features some discussion about the LCP with shooting and functional accuracy demonstrations. Terrific little guy.

How many of you guys carry an LCP? What's your favorite range ammo and carry ammo? Mine performed flawlessly with Critical Defense, but had a few fail to extracts with Blazer brass.

PanBaccha 08-10-2012 01:07 PM

I've had the Ruger LCP .380 for a few years. Man, I love that lil' canon. I use primarily PMC for it. Never a hiccup when loading, firing, and ejecting. A great back-up! :)

drvsafe 08-10-2012 02:22 PM

Very good video, I love the view of the shooter in his videos.

The LCP feels great in my hand, better than the Keltec IMO. I know there were some recalls on the gun a little while back, all corrected I am sure, So buying a new one would be a great option, if you are buying a used one check out the forums for info on the recall and which guns are affected by it.

I am considering a new CCW, been thinking hard about the Beretta Tomcat in .32 ACP. Never gave the LCP much thought as I already own a Beretta 84FS (.380) and wanted something in a different caliber. But I've heard some compelling arguments in favor of the LCP over the Tomcats in addition to the obvious caliber advantage. Still mulling it over, heck I may end up going the complete other way and pass on another CCW and just go for a .45 (can you say...1911).

For now I've got about $400 for my next purchase, I can hold off and build that up a bit for a nice Springfield or an R1. After all my 84FS may not be a pocket pistol but it has been super reliable for as long as I've owned it and it conceals well in my IWB and shoulder rigs.

Amsdorf 08-10-2012 06:06 PM

Drvsafe, thanks man, glad you like them. I get to combine my two hobbies: shooting and photography.

I'm pleased to report, by the way, that the fail to extract issues I was having yesterday were DEFINITELY ammo related. My Elsie Pea does NOT like Blazer Brass but she ate up over 100 round of Winchester Wally World White Box .380 auto I fed her this morning.

Now, after shooting over 200 rounds of Blazer, over 50 rounds of Critical Defense and 100 of WWB, my hand is SORE. The little gal kicks like an old mule.

Amsdorf 08-10-2012 06:08 PM

One more thing, the point I tried to make in my video is that the LCP is a great choice for these three conditions:

(1) Close range;
(2) Self-defense/last resort.
(3) When you can not carry anything larger.

If you can live with those three conditions, or have to live with them, particularly (3), the LCP is great taking a look at.

SSGN_Doc 08-11-2012 04:12 PM

They are a decent gun for the money. Easy to carry. For more money I prefer the Sig 238. Rroughly the same size. Better trigger and sights that give you the option of actually using them. The Sig does come at the expense of being more heavy though, but it pays of in shootability. Also the Sig seems less picky about ammo, and feeds HP ammo well.

Good video though, and fair representation of ruger's product.
Thanks for sharing.

Edit to add: Shot placement is always important for any handgun, and when getting into minor calibers it becomes even more important.

Was reading an after action report from a police shooting, where the officer hit the badguy 17 times with his .45 ACP Glock 21. Badguy was still putting up a fight until the final three rounds hit him in the head. Cop fired over 30 rounds total. Lesson is not to underestimate the need to aim and get good hits.

Amsdorf 08-11-2012 06:12 PM

"that give you the option of actually using them"

Chuckle. They are small, to be sure, but again, the appeal of the LCP is how deeply it can be concealed. Light. Easy to carry, etc.

I'm doing just fine with the LCP sights.

I got rounds in six inch center mass on a LEO, rapid fire, from thirty feet using the sights. Ran six mags on that drill, same result, from concealment getting it on target as fast I could.

Good enough for me.

I'm not planning on using my LCP to do Bullseye Competitions.

Amen on shot placement. One of the huge myths out there is that a handgun actually is a man stopper, in any caliber. The FBI ballistic study often shared around forums is a VERY sobering document to read.

Here's a link to it.

levelcross 08-11-2012 08:07 PM

A good lil pocket mouse gun.

SSGN_Doc 08-11-2012 09:44 PM

"I got rounds in six inch center mass on a LEO, rapid fire, from thirty feet using the sights. Ran six mags on that drill, same result, from concealment getting it on target as fast I could.

Good enough for me.

I'm not planning on using my LCP to do Bullseye Competitions."

You did do fine with the gun. I'm just saying that the sights on the Sig give it some flexibility to take a well aimed shot if required. The Ruger will get you close.

I also find the Ruger to have the advantage for actual deep concealment because of it's no snag design and lighter weight.

A buddy of mine has a Sig and an LCP. We were farting around at the range, shooting falling plates. We had used our 9mm and .45 ammo up, but we both had .380 ammo so we ran the LCP and th Sig on the plates. They do fall down a bit slower, but the Sig was much easier to get hits with very quickly. It was very revealing to shoot them side by side on reacting targets against a clock.

Both are better than leaving a bigger and heavier gun at home and going unarmed.

a buyer on a budget will still get a very good carry gun in that Ruger. There is just getting to be a lot of competition in the pocket .380 market right now. And good products are the reward to the consumer.

Mdrums 08-12-2012 12:59 PM

I looked at the Ruger LCP, Sig P238 and S&W .380 Bodyguard. Very hard choice but ended up with the .380 Bodyguard many months ago. It's been a great Ccw gun and shoots well at the range. Zero issues with Federal or Blazer Brass or Hornady Dbl Tap.

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