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little gadget I made to use this gun for pocket carry

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Originally Posted by purehavoc View Post
Your right but any smart person is going to clean their carry weapon often to prevent a issue
I might clean my Glock this year, maybe. Yawn!
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disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED...
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Nice. I'd have thought someone would have come up with this before now... ???

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Yours is an interesting solution, but in removing the added safety, you are pointing the muzzle at your arm. Under stress, you might receive the first round as a SIW.
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I like your idea purehavoc, the longer cord looped around a belt is a sound amendment. My other concern would be pistol presentation to the hand, that is one of the main advantages of a pocket holster, you know the gun will remain in it's original position and handy to deploy.
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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
Yours is an interesting solution, but in removing the added safety, you are pointing the muzzle at your arm. Under stress, you might receive the first round as a SIW.
Could happen yes but since you cant get your finger on the trigger until the cover is removed chances are highly unlikely since your pulling it back and away from the gun . It actually works best and is easier to remove when pulled down. Which will help eliminate this issue.
I will mess around with it tonight and see how it works when attached to a belt loop or belt. My only concerns about making a longer pull cord to do this is it getting hung up on the front sight, around the grip, trigger area, slide ,etc . I have made the cord just long enough now that it cant get hung up in any of that stuff .
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It can be hard to keep a handgun up right in many pockets with out a holster. that has a little extra width at the bottom too. They can help to smooth a pockets look too.
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i think i cleaned my lcp 3 months ago... its in my pocket all day everyday. i shot it weekend before last with the rounds in the gun flawless function yet again.

big puff of lint on the first shot but no fte ftf.

if it ever fails on these extended periods of pocket riding between shoots without cleaning or lube i will be greatly surprised.

its in my pocket when im getting super sweaty working in the yard and doesnt miss a tick when i shoot it.

anyway why not make it like a solid piece that clips to the belt extends to the pocket so when you pull it pops out. kinda like a longer strip of kydex going from the belt into the pocket. just tossing ideas
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but how do you draw and get the gun in action without a bunch of fiddling??
Tie the lanyard around your dick, so when you yank the pistol, the plastic thing comes off and stays in your pocket. Sorry, JK, couldn't resist. It's late.
I don't see what the problem is. Everybody is being nice, and getting along, and I, for one, am learning stuff. So, if you don't like the discussion, don't look at the thread. Or, simply cut to the chase, and close it.
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Well I don't know how you guys have so much lint in your pockets, shag pants? Who knows, anyways a simple idea without getting a longer lanyard is to put a safety pin in the very bottom of your pocket and put the lanyard through it so when you pull the pistol the clip stays with your pocket, recovering the trigger will be easy since your pocket will be inside out. Yes you will look silly gun fighting with your pocket hanging out but you will hopefully be alive.

I am looking to get my hands on a db9 soon and this is something I would not mind having, I would feel betting with the trigger gaurd as the gun bounces around my glove box.
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Cleaning is essential to ANY carry gun. My G-20C gets carried daily. 40 hrs a week in a duty belt holster and the rest in a Desantis Tuck This IWB holster. I clean it monthly (when not shot) and am always amazed at the amount of dust/lint. Never enough to cause a real issue, but multiplied X 12? It could be significant
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