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GratefulHead77 05-19-2011 12:49 PM

Laser Max Micro
I just bought a lasermax micro through the military discount and wanted to know what people's thoughts are on the accessory, i.e. reliabilty, etc.

I am still torn between which pistol I will mount it to. I have an M&P 45 and a Glock 23 and I am not sure which pistol will benefit the laser more. I think it will be more functional on the M&P, because I dont use that one as my carry piece all that often as the G23 is my CCW.


adamsls2 05-20-2011 01:22 AM

I keep a laser/light combo on my bedside PX4 .40. i do so because if i have a bump in the night i want to see who or what is out there(make 110% sure its not my 7year old daughter). I keep a micro laser on my carry PF9 and one early morning it came in handy. Opening a security gate at 4am a man approched me out of the woods. Told him to stop and dont come any closer. He keep talking and kept coming until a little red dot went to his chest. He stopped and turned and never saw him again. Laser and lights are VERY important to me. If not sure, put a laser on both of them. just my .02 worth.

WDB 05-20-2011 01:58 AM

I bought one a few years back, the issue I had it wouldn't fit in my CC IWB holster (M&P 45 in a Don Hume IWB). It might work if you use a more generic holster. I like the night sights better to bet on target in the dark. I did buy a quick release light/laser combo for the same pistol that I put on when I go tobed and put the pistol on the night stand.

GratefulHead77 05-20-2011 02:05 AM

Thanks for the info, I'm swaying more towards night sights for the G23 as my go-to gun for most close situations, especially for bumps in the night as the enemy will not see my red-light, but the silouette of them is center mass of the glowing dots.

Does anyone know of a good holster for a M&P 45 with a laser mounted to it. I am not sure the serpa paddle holsters will fit with the laser mounted? I'm thinking more of a IWB type either canvas or leather, with extra room for the laser any suggestions???

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