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Gunlover38 07-17-2012 12:39 AM

Kimber or glock
Im either going to buy a glock or kimber for home defence which is better?

gearhead396 07-17-2012 12:46 AM

Both great weapons for home defense I don't own a limber but do
Own a 1911 and also
A glock 30 if you like not having to clean your gun every range trip and tinker with it now and then get a glock those things just don't stop but the don't have any safety's which makes me not like to carry in concealed but the 1911 I'll keep cocked with the hammer down I can get a shot off faster that way that having to rack the slide like I'd do with my glock i would deff recommend the kimber also I'm my experience 1911's are much more accurate than Glocks

marc29th 07-17-2012 01:00 AM

Both are great guns, if this is your first handgun I'd say go with the Glock as it's about 1/2 the price of the Kimber. You can get a very good used Glock for $500 and put the rest of your money into ammo at the range.

nickel1911 07-17-2012 01:01 AM

I don't think you could go wrong with either choice. Kimbers are excellent weapons. Very well made and extremely accurate and reliable in my experience. I've never had any issues with mine and have full confidence in them in a home defense situation. Glocks are also excellent. They can be modified very easily to fit the needs of the user and are also extremely reliable. Great choices. Why not get both :)

locutus 07-17-2012 03:19 AM

Both will serve you well.

But the Glock gets the edge IME.

rhyno13 07-17-2012 03:37 AM

I personally don't like glock. I would rather have the Kimber.

levelcross 07-17-2012 08:05 PM

I have both and carry both at different times. Round count will be higher in the Glock, Accuracy will be better with the Kimber IMHO.

KeysKelly 07-17-2012 08:47 PM

Kimber is 3 times the gun Glock is in my opinion but also 3 times the price. If you can afford the Kimber go Kimber,

You're comparing Ford to Mercedes here. A Mercedes is by far the more quality car but a Ford will get you from point A to point B.

DanZZ 07-21-2012 10:53 PM

Between the 2 I would take the glock they are less fussy with cheaper ammo so you get more bang for your buck and for your first gun they are much simpler from cleaning to operation

eric1229 07-22-2012 12:37 AM

I would definately go with the kimber if u dont mind spending more $ for a superior firearm. Kimbers are some of the finest pistols in production. Super accurate, great looking and hold their value extremely well. But its about wut feels good and shoots well for u, especially in a home defense gun. U get wut u pay for.

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