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bluealtered 07-11-2008 12:36 PM

kel-tec pf-9
Ok, iv'e been holdng out for a late serial number pf-9, found one and heres the results of the first two trips to the range. I should probably start with the fact that i'm hard on guns, they will work or they won't, ... yes i did clean it first.

I started with some french surplus from 78 that i had laying around since about 1990, i ran 50rds of this through the pistol with one ftf, and that may have been me limpwristing, not sure, for those who don't know this is a double action only pistol and you must lock your wrist for it to work correctly.

This ammo was very dirty and left primer sealer everywhere, by now i had skin missing from the web of my hand, yes i'm one of those people who get bit from firing ppk's and such. I still had a box of remington 115 gr jhp and decided losing a little more skin was ok, so i ran that through there, no ftf, no fte, and a heck of a lot smoother than the surplus, ... that was enough pain for one day.

Two days later, back to the range.This time with a glove for the shooting hand. First up was 50rds. of pmp brand 115gr mc, don't remember this came from but i have alot of it. No primer sealer so it shot a lot cleaner, and it all shot well. By now the pistol is getting broken in and the groups are starting to look pretty good from from 7-15yds. Again another box of remington 115gr jhp, and alls well. The gun is preforming well and i getting used to shooting a dao again.

This pistol will work very well for me as a ccw as i travel around and is not as bulky as some of my other ccw's, not as many rds. as some others, but if you do your job,(practice) it will do its. blue

iloveguns 07-11-2008 02:22 PM

Blue glad you got you PF9 finally. Glad it is treating you well. Like I said it is a remarkable pistol, especially for the price. Keep us posted on how it does. I am almost regretting trading mine off. I said almost. Lol:D

bluealtered 07-13-2008 05:38 PM

Your right ilg's, it is a very good shooting pistol. I noticed on the 163 round that my groups went from 2-3" under, to 2-3" over. I will guess that at this point i must have quit fighting it and gotten comfortble with it, or maybe we both settled down. Can't wait to run another 100rds through it. blue

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