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If the big Army decided to adopt a new pistol...

View Poll Results: Which .45 ACP pistol would you choose for our armed services?
Glock 21SF 15 11.63%
Springfield XD45 Tactical 26 20.16%
Smith & Wesson M&P 45 21 16.28%
Heckler Kock HK45 14 10.85%
FNP 45 13 10.08%
Beretta Storm 45 6 4.65%
Sig Sauer P220 12 9.30%
Taurus 24/7 OSS 0 0%
Kimber Custom II 5 3.88%
Springfield Loaded Model 1911 17 13.18%
Voters: 129. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by Bighead View Post
Lets see how long before I get reprimanded by Cane for leaving out Colt's
What makes you think that the political wussies would go against NATO and return to the world's finest round, the .45 ACP?

And you didn't leave out Colt Bighead, .45 ACP?

I think your list is lacking what the DOD would include in the trials testing for a new service pistol.

I don't think that they would accept a striker fired pistol.

I do think a double stack, hi-cap would be required for the designated marksmen that will be using it.

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Squirrel- doubt me in love, doubt me on politics, trust me on guns. Yes, they tried that- but it was not even a .38 Special- it was a .38 Long Colt. Weaker than an Alderman's promise. Yes, had less stopping power than a good tennis racket. That was why I posted it. They seem to be charging headlong into the 19th Century.
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Originally Posted by dunerunner View Post
1911, at least it is made here and no issues with production if Austria is overrun!!
Um last time I picked up a Springer 1911 it said "Made in Brazil" on the slide and the XDs they tried to hide the "Made in Croatia" on the grip. Isnt Borat from over there?
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I a big fan of the XD45, I carry the compact model as often as possible.
I really like the FNP45 too and it seems that it would be a good fit. The Tactical model that I had was equiped with an actual safety (that was in a very natural position) that also acted as a decocker. From a training and safety standpoint I think that would be a plus. Also, I believe the FN factory in Columbia, SC is already tooled to make the pistols here in the good ol' USA (b/c that's where the tactical models are made).
Still voted for the XD though.
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I voted for the glock21sf 13+1 rail, lanyard loop easy to field strip plus I feel polymer works better in random conditions not to mention will feed pretty much anything you put in it as far as weight I don't know how much it would be offset by the extra 6 rounds of 230grn 45 compared to a 1911. Also as much as I like 1911s, the one on list if I'm not mistaken requires an allen wrench to take down (big no-no in my book) still a sweet gun though.
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I think a 1911 would be best, as USMC 03 said I never did like the feel of the 92, a good 5" 1911 just sits better in my hand. And hey bombdoc, ever had to fill out the paper work when a round has hit the sand in the clearing barrell?? Fun, Fun, Fun.

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Perfect choice would be going back to the old Colt Government model. But they already thought about this but ended it in 2006: Joint Combat Pistol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 'Combat Pistol System' is to consist of:
a Caliber .45 pistol (designed for A475 and AA18 rounds)
Magazines (standard and high-capacity);
Suppressor Attachment Kit
Magazine Holder (standard and high-capacity)
Cleaning Kit and Operator's Manual.
List of those that were in the running:
Heckler & Koch HK45C
SIG P220 Combat
Ruger P345
Smith & Wesson M&P
Glock 21SF
Beretta Px4 Storm
Taurus PT 24/7 OSS
Fabrique Nationale FNP45-USG
Para-Ordnance LDA 1911

My vote from this would first be the Para, but in single action. Other than that, a bunch of the gun rags in the past that talked about the JCP program talked about how the FNP45 has leading. I would go that route if the 1911 was passed over. 15+1 rounds of 45acp. Completely ambidextrous controls, better for lefties like me. Plus there is the current tactical model which has the removable plate to add red dot sights.

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For most of my Marine Corps career, I carried the 1911 from various manufacturers; Colt, Remington, Singer, Auto Ordnance, etc. I have good sized hands and short fingers, so the single stack 1911 suited me just fine. Never cottoned to the Beretta much though it was functional.

My law enforcement days saw me carrying a Kimber Custom Classic. Great gun, so I AM partial to the 1911, and have six of them.

That being said, While there are some really fine .45s out there by other American manufacturers and I'd prefer to buy American, I am hampered by the 'plastic' pistols not being just 'right' for my hands. I have a great deal of scar tissue on my hands and have difficulty maintaining a good grip on the 'plastic' pistols. They slide around on recoil too much.

IF I were to consider a foreign weapon at all (and I usually carry one), it would have to be the new CZ-97B in .45. I own several CZs in 9mm and .40 cal. and usually carry one as my daily carry. But this is about a new .45, isn't it.

Jeff Cooper thought highly of the CZ-75 and that's good enough for me. Ergonomics, controls, caliber, quality of finish and internals, ALL are well thought out and complete.

So, I'd add the CZs to this poll.
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M&P 45, 40 or 9mm... Any of these would be a fantastic replacement for the Beretta M9.

The M&P is an American made pistol from an American based company, and has all of the features that define a modern semi-automatic pistol.
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Copy and pasted from my reply re same question for U.S. Marines...

Is this thread regarding the new U.S. Military directive for the "Modular Handgun System" or just a general question on people's favorite choices?

If it's the MHS program then forget the 1911, because the military wants something more modern.

As much as emotion and sentimentality may want some people see the return of the 1911 in active service, I don't think the classic 1911 as we know it (all steel, single stack, .45 ACP) will ever be adopted by the U.S. Military as a standard, general issue sidearm. Maybe for some special units but doubtful for a standard issue.

Love or hate the modern polymer handgun designs, they offer much more flexibility in terms of light weight, capacity, modular design (one size fits all/interchangeable grips/ambidextrous) for today's soldier who already has to carry 50 lbs worth of gear. Why add to it a 2.5 pound, 5" long 1911, when there are 25 oz, 4 to 4.5 inch polymer sidearms available?

Also, these are soldiers under stressful conditions, not IPSC shooters under controlled conditions, so safety will probably be a huge requirement meaning they will probably look for a DA/SA with an external hammer and decocker. I could be wrong but this has been the general path since the Beretta M9.

Add to this that there are prevailing attitudes that the classic 1911 has inherent disadvantages. I'm not trolling here because I love the 1911, but those are some people's feelings: Blog Archive 1911 Cult: Cracks in the Armor

So putting aside what I would like to see as the next MHS sidearm, if I were a betting man I would think the next general issue sidearm will be...

Top pick: Beretta PX4 Storm SD in .45 ACP. According to the biased source, Beretta USA, this one finished at the top of the scrapped Joint Combat Pistol competition. Also, it can be tooled in the USA by Beretta USA, and there will be a lesser learning curve as they switch from the M9 since the controls are the same due to the similar platform.

Runners up:

- Beretta 96A1. Similar to above in that it will be less of a learning curve for current military to adapt since many of them would be familar with the standard Beretta controls.

- Sig Sauer P226 in .40 S&W. Again...because many current military personnel are familiar with the platform and Sig Sauer USA can crank them out in Exeter.

- HK45. It is highly modular, meets safety criterias, chambered in .45 ACP, mimics 1911 controls and grip angle...


- Glock, or maybe even the FN Five Seven? I'm not sure what the U.S. Military's stance on striker fire pistols would be. I have read conflicting things regarding whether they would want an external hammer for the perceived reasons that the external hammer would be a visual and tactile safety feature (i.e. easier to tell if it's cocked or not), and also "second strike capability".

NOW, I know a lot of you will chime in and say "second strike capability" means nothing because you should tap-rack-bang... but, I have heard conflicting things regarding the military's stance on second strike capability. I reiterate, this is not my stance on second strike capability but just thinking what the bureaucrat at the Pentagon would be thinking.

Perhaps someone in these forums can find the requirements of the new MHS trials?
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