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Hi-Point Firearms

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They are a bit bulky but they shoot great. Mine has never given me trouble. Other than my Colt 1911 it is the best shooting gun I have and I have about 27. It is even the gun I took to my concealed carry class and the instructor at the gun club said I would be lucky to get through the class with it. I had the tightest grouping of anyone in my class. It was the first pistol i ever bought for myself and I would buy it again.
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I have had 2 hi point c9 pistols. I sold the first to a friend after never having any problems with it.... i traded the second one to my father in law a few years ago after never having any problems with it. I now have a 995ts 9mm carbine LOVE IT!
It is accurate to a little over 100yards, reliable, mean looking not pretty,no recoil, versatile, and inexpensive! Cons low magazine capacity, and pain to field strip. Kind of heavy campared to other pistol caliber carbines. Warranty is awesome... (but i have not needed it)
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Originally Posted by IDVague View Post
Anyone have an opinion on these guns or have any experiences to relate? The price is right, but sometimes that can be indicative of problems.
Good gun for the money fairly reliable and you can dog the hell out of them and theyll still fire.... Now if your talking carbine? Noo brainer
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I really like my 995TS carbine.

If the pistols weren't so clunky looking,

I'd probably buy one of them, too...
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Originally Posted by gatopardo View Post
Not officially not, wish I did, maybe I should.
My friends an I love their stuff, they are Oklahomans which is where I live, we volunteer pictures to their blog when we can, in the end everyone works for someone, you could call me an advocate for their cause, 100% made in the USA, don't you love that...

We love hipoints too, but now i keep from writing too much about it, too many trolls bashing hipoints users.

Maybe hipoints are politically incorrect for some people, you can whip out a Walther at the range and everyone aproves specially if they have one at hand, on the other hand ,if you whip out a hipoint you get condescending looks.

Few people pay attention to how good accurate shooters they actually are, the warranty is the best out there, and yes they are affordable, and to tell the truth you could repair one in a whim with stuff laying around your garage, I personally have an old service colt collecting dust for three years because the gunsmith will charge more than the gun is worth for the repair.

Back to glow-on, I used tritium, no brand bashing here, expensive, not for every gun on the market, specially old models. Did you hear the story of the capsule that broke?, it happened to me, short of banging my head on the wall, $150 trashed.

And Look at my pictures from last night:
Hi-Point Firearms - Semi-Auto Handguns
it's called a bomber, maybe you've used one before, and this is what happens when you apply glow-on:
Hi-Point Firearms - Semi-Auto Handguns
Well, i'd rather talk about fishin lures than hipunks anyways
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I just bought a full size 40 sw, I could have chosen the mid size and any caliber for the same price, $185 out the door. I may get another one in 9mm, it is an election year! I have not heard anything bad about these guns and they do have a good warranty. I never see any of the carbines on shelf but I hear people really enjoy them.
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A friend just bought one in .45 , great warranty , goes bang every time . IMHO its not something I would add to my collection . The $200 he spent he should have just saved a little longer "as this is not the road he usually goes down to purchase firearms "and got something that doesnt fall in the boat anchor category because you could literally beat someone to death with it its that heavy . It is accurate and if it was my only choice it would be a different story . Im sure plenty of people like them and I would never say its a POS because it is a reliable , accurate gun with a great no frills warranty . Its just my type or style of gun I prefer .
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I have. A hi point. In 9 380 and 45. The 45. Feels like a cinder block but never failed. Me. I carry the 380 loaded. With Sd rounds. Never an issue. I have. A carbine. In 9 mm 4 10 round. Mags. My. Buddy has a m4. My gun shoots just as rlielible as his
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I'd buy a more expensive gun just on the basis of avoiding the gang banger stigma and not embarrassing myself.
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At the range I shoot at there are a lot of people shooting Highpoints and very few Walthers. As I've said before...Walthers are pretty and some might be good shooters, but I'd bet on a Hi Point aganist a Walther everytime. I have two Walthers and they are pretty but I can't hit squat with them.
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