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XxChino13xX 09-21-2012 06:04 AM

Got a new pistol today, but I lost a rifle at the same time
I've been trying to sell my Remington 700 VTR for the past few months, and nothing ever came of it. So I finally said screw it, went to a gun shop that was recommended by a good friend of mine, and ta'da, just like that, I walked out with a pretty decent deal (I think, I have been wrong before), no cash out of hand. The trade was for a brand new Sig Sauer P250 Sub-Comp Nitron 9mm w/o a rail. I don't ever use the rail, so I don't foresee myself missing it, I still have my XDM for that. But I traded in the rifle mounted with a Harris Ultralight Bipod, an EGW 1 piece aluminum rail scope mount, case & sling, and 200 rounds of .308. In exchange I got the pistol, extended magazine, Uncle Mikes IWB holster (really nice btw, I've never seen one, but wow, I'm able to CC wearing Under Armour shorts, very nice), 100rnds of FMJ, and 20rnds of HP. I'm quite happy with it, now I just need to get out there and take it to the range. Although, the one downfall of it thus far, is the tremendous length of pull, good grief.

Oh, the Nitron is the pistol that you can take apart and order new calibers and just swap the trigger group from pistol to pistol. And for $260 +/-, I think it said, straight from Sig, you can order a new caliber. And just install the group in the body, and put on the slide, and boom, new gun practically. Nice bright white high contrast sights, only one safety (your finger). It does have the exposed hammer, but it isn't really sticking out, its sunken into the slide itself. And although the length of pull is ridiculous, it is crazy smooth. Definitely needs some breaking in and tough love, it had a hard time taking its first round in chamber. But, I can only assume, that in due time it will be smooth as all hell. And I must say, I am/was kind of excited to get my first Sig. I was going to go for a G26 Gen4, but the grip was too small, even with the extended magazine installed. Then I thought about another Springfield family member, but if I want to shoot a sub-comp XD9, I'll ask my fiancee for hers. And then he showed me the P250 Nitron, and wow, it felt good in the hand. And quite light compared to my XDM, but I expected that, one of the reasons I didn't want another full size. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and put them up, it's nothing spectacular, but it's a good looking, good feeling pistol. Looking forward to getting to the range, soon hopefully.

Olympus 09-21-2012 02:47 PM

Glad it worked out for you.

jjfuller1 09-21-2012 03:07 PM

oh man, if i had known i coulda worked a deal with you.. oh well enjoy th enew pistol.. sigs rock

Rarity 09-21-2012 03:23 PM

You have a great pistol. I can't wait to see the range report! Let's see pictures!!

XxChino13xX 09-21-2012 05:38 PM

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Originally Posted by jjfuller1 (Post 949542)
oh man, if i had known i coulda worked a deal with you.. oh well enjoy th enew pistol.. sigs rock

Ah man I'm sorry, yeah I've been trying to sell/trade it for the past few months, but times are tough and no one really had the money for it. So I bumped to wanting to do a trade for everything, I just really wanted a carry and a little bit of cash to make up for the ammo. But no one was biting, and it didn't help that there was 3-4 other VTR's posted up this last time, and they were waaaay cheaper on the price, just didn't come with anything, and I think only one other one was a .308 as well, the others were a .270 and a .223/5.56. Had one person offer an old revolver and $150, that one kinda stung lol.

Here's some quick pics I took this morning before I had to run out, they're not the best quality, but its the gist of it. Looking forward to getting out there hopefully soon to send some lead downrange. I am noticing though, there isn't a large aftermarket field for this pistol out there. Unless I'm not searching for the right thing, but very limited aftermarket selection. I may spring for the shortened trigger after I test this one out, but the sights seems good to go, and that would be all I really wanted to do to it. It's not heavy what so every, I'm able to wear my Uncle Mikes IWB with a pair of Under Armour shorts that are tied up, and it doesn't even sag them whatsoever, thoroughly pleased with that. The trigger is long, and doesn't break until the very end, and it doesn't reset until its all the way released just about. But, maaaan, o' man, is that a smooth squeeze. So, we shall see I suppose!!

XxChino13xX 09-21-2012 05:43 PM

Oh, and the weird thing about this pistol, the only part that needs to go through a FFL, is the trigger assembly. My father-in-law (Retired NYPD) didn't believe me when I told him, he called BS because every barrel is supposed to be serialized. But I broke it down and showed him, I photoshopped the tab out, but it should be right in front of the slide catch on the body of the pistol (right side, the side that's facing you in the picture).

75370 09-22-2012 06:20 AM

My best wishes with your new gun.

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