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cghamm117 04-02-2012 04:57 AM

A good starter 9mm
Hey everyone, Im looking to buy a new handgun. I would like to keep it in the range of about 600 little more little less. It would be my first centerfire handgun, I am looking to be a police officer someday in school now. And I have been looking thinking about going to the ranges to test some out. But i was looking for some suggestions on what I could start off with I have done some research and Obviously glock, xdm, but i have shot a xdm and many other handguns before (never shot a glock), and it seems that I like the style of a 1911 better just have been more accurate with my cousins colt 1911 over his xdm .40. So i looked into that style without going into 1911 price, found that tarus makes what is said to be a fairly good replica of Beretta 92. I live in Illinois unfortunately so ya know the one state without concealed carry so I would like to have a full sized gun, and possibly something that would get me through the academy. I do not want to completely rule out the xdm or the glock but just looking for some good opinions thanks

danf_fl 04-02-2012 07:42 AM

Not knowing what precinct you are going to upon graduation, make selection kind of tough.

Those you have mentioned are pretty good for all around firearms.

Are you required to supply your own firearm while you attend the academy? If so, then you may want to consider the Glock. It has been in more police departments than Taurus.

silverado113 04-02-2012 11:21 AM

Check out the full size S&W M&P, they are great pistols. Plus LE can carry in their off duty times I believe.

wjnfirearms 04-02-2012 11:40 AM

You may want to rethink your caliber choice if you are gearing for LE. Agencies primarily use .40 these days with some using .45 and others, the newer .45 GAP. If you are looking just to gain firearm proficiency, then 9mm would be ok to use. 9mm fell out of favor with law enforcement several years ago on a wide basis in the US.

The choices for a full size semis are pretty good. The Glock is always a good choice and one of the favorites of LE. The M&P has found growing favor and is the choice of some agencies. The Beretta 92/96 series has long been a gun of choice, but the amount of agencies using them has shrunk somewhat in favor of Glock and S&W. I, myself, came into posession of a Beretta 96D Brigadier in .40 which was a decommsioned Pennsylvania State Police weapon when they switched to the Glock in .45 GAP not long ago. What a fine shooting weapon this is. My youngest son also has one which was an older issue but was purchased in stainless. Both have official markings.

I'd go and check out the offerings mentioned and see which feels right for you. Shop price as being a dealer, I can say for certain that prices vary between dealers, sometimes by a significant amount. Don't just buy the first one you see, unless you know for fact that it's a "can't pass this up" deal. There's absolutely no reason to impulse buy and throw good money away. Still, don't be real surprised if inventory generally is a bit off now. The pre-election panic buying has begun in earnest.

How agencies have officers obtain duty weapons vary from department to department. Some still issue their choice of pistol. Some give you a stipend and you go out and buy it, often at a designated supplier that gives preferred pricing. For example, some agencies in the Pittsburgh area use one particular LE supply store that is a Glock factory dealer. The price for a Glock 23 is $398 currently for credentialed officers. Some agencies allow a mix of weapons. I believe the LAPD still allows both Glock and Beretta at the discretion of the individual. You have to do yearly qualification on the range everywhere with the gun you carry on duty.

And, gunny, most agencies require their officers to be armed off duty. You are never really off duty. Just off of the clock.

Quentin 04-02-2012 06:48 PM

For you I agree with the recommendations above on Glock and the 40S&W. And the G22 is the most widely used LEO pistol for open carry. Try to handle and shoot one but I bet you'll like it. Even if you don't at first you should become familiar with the Glock considering your plans for a profession. Think about buying a LEO trade-in G22 for around $350. These often have night sights but be sure the NS still has some life in them. Otherwise they are checked out by Glock and good as new except for holster wear, etc. They won't be the latest generation, most I've seen are Gen 2 and some are Gen 3 but that's not a real issue at the price.

I'd say this is almost a no-brainer for your first gun since down the road if your agency mandates a different pistol you should be able to get your money back selling the G22. Buying used, the depreciation is already subtracted so very little loss of value if you sell it.

Also you can buy a Lone Wolf 40-9mm conversion barrel for about $100 and some 9mm magazines and have both calibers in one gun. This will keep down your practice cost and let you compare the calibers. Odds are you'd keep this gun even if you don't use it on duty.

The 1911 and others you mentioned are fine guns but you might as well go with what you're most likely to encounter later on.

john2005 04-02-2012 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by silverado113
Check out the full size S&W M&P, they are great pistols. Plus LE can carry in their off duty times I believe.

Ya I just got a s&w mp40 and love it especially the trigger. It was my first semi-auto pistol and don't regret it one bit

cghamm117 04-02-2012 11:59 PM

I will look into all of these thank you for the input. I do realize that most are carrying the .40 and will im sure carry that on the job. I was just actually trying to get a bit more effective with a cheaper round. Then either use the issued gun depending on where I go or buy a .40 because I would want maximum stoppin power at that time.

JTJ 04-03-2012 12:17 AM
I bought a Taurus 92 and dumped it after 3 trips back to Taurus. If you want a 92 get a Beretta. The 96 is .40 S&W.

Westy 04-03-2012 12:22 AM

I'd stick to the 9mm. You can almost afford to shoot it if you keep your eye on the ammo sales an find 50 rounds for around $10.00.

The RugerP95 is dirt cheap and super reliable. The SR9's are coming down too. You can't beat a Beretta 92 for a decent reliable shooter either, but it's usually to large for most to carry.

The Glocks are good too. I'm not a Glock guy (never had one-never will) but there's a ton of them out there and guys love them.

cghamm117 04-03-2012 12:50 AM

I was going to actually ask also what would be the best size i do not want a compact, but a 4.25 inch barrel will it give me the accuracy and future ability to conceal if i went with the m&p (leaning toward it). Obviously it has a lot to do with shooter, but I wondered what would be the best size.

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