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Thejiro 02-15-2012 03:44 PM

good ccw for a woman who is on the small side
I am looking to get my girl a ccw gun to carry at work she is put in dangerous situations working as a civilian for the sheriffs office. As of right now im open to all suggestions for good guns that would be suitable for her i dont have my eye on anything in particular.

sweeper22 02-15-2012 04:02 PM

If it'll end up in her purse, advantage goes to a compact 357/38 revolver...particularly S&Ws and Rugers. If anticipating trouble, she can have her hand on her gun (while in the purse) and fire it from within her purse if need be. With a semi-auto that can be problematic.

If she wants an autoloader, I'd probably point her toward a slimmer single stack (Sig P239) in 9mm to start with. But that's just a nudge...let her feel out as many guns as possible. Just go to local dealer or show and have her handle everything that catches her eye.

purehavoc 02-15-2012 04:16 PM

my .02 cents says a LCR.38 or a S&W .38 bodyguard with the laser for purse carry

MrWray 02-15-2012 04:47 PM

There are quite a few people that have the ruger SR9c and are really happy with them

Vincine 02-15-2012 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by Thejiro (Post 709454)
. . She regularly goes into the houses of known drug dealers gang members and drug useres. . .

Can I suggest serious thought be given to having the gun on her body? I’m sure she wouldn’t want her purse stolen or taken away from her with her gun in it. Or worse, not being near enough to her bag should need to draw it.

dewey 02-15-2012 07:44 PM

Vincene is dead right. That is a crap situation she is being put in. She HAS to get some training asap. Take her to the range and try everything. Practice, practice, practice.

purehavoc 02-15-2012 07:47 PM

True , had I known that I might have suggested a belly band , shoulder holster or something of that nature . I have a Ruger LC9 and I really like it , its just takes some shooting time getting used to the long trigger pull

orangello 02-15-2012 08:09 PM

Get her to try a Bersa Thunder .380. I was very happy with mine; now my sister is very happy with it.

orangello 02-15-2012 09:57 PM

Get her some pepper spray tonight & tell her to keep her hand on it walking in. The real troublesome peeps have probably been sprayed before and will want to avoid it. They also sell it with a marking dye to help her coworkers ID the dumbarses.

Picking the right pistol will take some time; she does need to try some different ones. She might be able to handle one of the ittybitty, lightweights like the LCP, but she may need something a little bigger to help with recoil (bersa).

edit* forgot, if you can't find pepper spray tonight, get some of that streaming wasp spray; it is supposed to suck almost as bad and has some range.

MrWray 02-15-2012 10:04 PM

Pepper spray is a decent alternative for her until you can get her a CCW. Ive been sprayed 6 different times by different brands during training, i preferred and carried Sabre Red, its some bad stuff, i always got really good "instant" results with it. You dont have to be a LEO to get it either.

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