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Glock VS.1911.......

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Originally Posted by canebrake View Post
Glock VS.1911....... - Semi-Auto Handguns
Oh and.........

Glock VS.1911....... - Semi-Auto Handguns
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Originally Posted by dunerunner View Post
Spy vs Spy

Glock VS.1911....... - Semi-Auto Handguns
Is that a CZ-52 the dark spy has?

Originally Posted by gorknoids View Post
...get yourself a Springfield Armory XD.
What he said. I loves mah XD45 with lucky 13 rounds.
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I'm not a fanboy. I just looked at what was available and stick to what I found best for me. My last comment stands on it's own. A 1911 is much more expensive to make than most all "modern weapons" So if it was an inferior design then I would imagine that companies would make that type of weapon. Since Glock got on the scene there are trons of similar weapons but you still will not see the output like you do a 1911. AS to the not enough ammo for a SHTF situation I can say from experience that you do not need 30 rounds. If you do then you might have a bigger problem on your hands. I have an 8 round mag in the weapon and another one carried elsewhere. That's 17 rounds all together. I've never been in a situation where I needed more than the first mag. But in my travels around the country the two mags have been more than enough . I guess I could carry more. The 45 ACP will usually get the issue done in pretty short order. So I have not seen a need to carry 30 rounds. I'm a pretty good shot so carrying a bunch of ammo never really occurred to me.I Like say, If I need more than the two mags I probably have more trouble on my hands than ammo shortage. SD issues are rarely like what you see on TV. They use a lot more ammo than many will use on a range trip

Again I was not speaking as a super-fan or anything., I just made a point that is valid. If the Glock platform was better than I would think there would be more Glock-like weapons being spit out. They are cheaper to build. I have owned a few Glocks over the years. I don't think it's a poor designed weapon. I'll confess I do like the feel of the XD, M&P, and Sigma pistols more than a Glock but hey just feel better to me. I wont go as far to say they are better. I do shoot a 1911 better. I can get a much smaller group at 25-50 yards with any of my 1911's than I could any of the Glocks I have owned or shot. But being the avg distance of a SD situation that really is not a big issue. As to weight a good belt and holster and a 1911 will hang well. I don't even notice the weapon most the time. But I've carried 191's a pretty long time.

I'm not sure the 1911 fan-boy club is any bigger than the Glock hounds. To each their own, it really does not matter to me. I never tell people to get a 1911. I tell them to get their hands on as many different weapons as possible. Find what fits best then look into caliber and see hat you shoot best. What I use is only what I use. For reasons that I see as important.

Oh..and that hammer issue I have yet to see. But most all carry 1911's have the bigger beaver tail safety and the hammer spur tucks nicely into that. Can't say it can't happen. But I have yet to see it.

I'm not trying to come off as some fanboy or anything. I'm not trying to be combative and change the world to join the 1911 cause (whatever that is). I merely stated a point about 1911's. There are many more made right now than Glock. So I pretty much am of the opinion that is must not be as outdated as many will try to say. I really don't think it's "fanboyism" or propaganda that makes 1911 sales what they are. The platform has proven over a long time that it is a good one. Is it better? To me yes, but that really doesn't matter. I'm not carrying someone weapon. So I really have no input to what they need to use. That is up to them.

Originally Posted by gorknoids View Post
It is. It's a great handgun because..........?
I'm not crapping on it, I'm just saying that from the standpoint of practical application, there are many options. I'll cut to the main point just to get it out of the way and say that the 1911 is the biggest 'Fanboy" platform on the market right now, and has been for decades. People just want to own a 1911. It's a piece of history, it is a great design, and quite frankly it's the best looking, most intuitive handgun ever built. Except for that safety lever.
On the other hand, it has a hammer that can get hung up in your shirt, it's heavier than Hell for the ammo it holds, and you have to carry a bandolier of magazines if you want to shoot more than 30 rounds in rapid succession. It all comes down to what you want in your hand when the SHTF. I don't want to have to reload when I don't have to. I think that 3 slightly-smaller holes aimed accurately beat one through the left ass-cheek. And while I do appreciate the mechanical genius of John Moses Browning's design, I also believe in evolution. My daily carry piece incorporates many features of the 1911, and suits my needs/expectations/perception of adequacy. Basically, I feel that my handgun is deadlier and easier to engage with than a 1911. Did I say "feel"? Hell, I know it is. And it's Tupperware.
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i like my 1911's they carry well in hot weather when slim lines are desirable. i like my CZ97 in the winter when bulky clothes are easy to wear. not a fan of glock or glock like guns. i prefer a solid feeling grip made of steelor investment cast aluminumalloy composite as in my sig P220.

one of the huge benefits to 1911 style are the slim magazines. you can stuff them in pockets and they disapear. double stack mags tend to stick out and are quite obvious to curious eyes.

the glock like guns dont point well for me. the controls tend to be small and difficult to use for me. i really dont like the idea of the trigger safety or the internal striker. i like being able at a glance or touch knowing what state my weapon is in.

glocl like guns may work wel for others. if i had to pick a glock style i would take a XD, they feel and handle better than glocks.
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1911s do not carry well against skin in hot weather. I can't begin to describe how damaging sweat is to steel. I've done it many times and I have also spent a lot of time experimenting with different finishes and trying to battle slide corrosion as a result. That said, just one or two opponents? Give me the .45 and some Gold Dots. Three or 4 opponents? Why exactly am I there? Where is my Sig or my Hi-Power? Spending all day wading in the surf (or the waters of New Orleans during Katrina)? Where is the Glock? Understand you often need 3 shots of 9 to do the job of one shot of 45.

I own .45s and 9mms. I don't own a Glock. I've shot them, several in fact. I don't intend to buy one either (not for more than $50 anyway). However, if I was going to be working on the water all day, every day, a Glock would be what I would buy. The plastic doesn't rust. Another plus is the low weight. A few years ago I had a job where a bunch of us went into a strange town and stayed there for weeks, The first week there was no secure base so we wore our guns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and slept on loading docks or in tents and similar places, it was also raining every day with temps hanging around 90 and up. Occasional wading through mucky water too. Our employer had wisely issued us Glocks. One individual brought a 1911 instead. He battled rust and corrosion daily and spent an hour each night drying and cleaning his pistol. Us Glock boys didn't bother and there was little reason to. Also 19 ounces on your side 24 hours a day is a LOT more comfortable than 39 ounces.

Why I don't like Glocks for routine carry... Back in the day LEOs were generally prohibited from cocking their revolver when dealing with a subject. Way too many people had died needlessly that way and way too many departments had large law suits (and civil unrest such as the Miami Liberty City riots) as a direct result of single action confrontation of a suspect. In NYC their PD had many UDs from detectives carrying .380s in the early 20th century and when the DA Detective Special revolvers became available they pulled the SA 380s. This fear of unintentional discharge really had a lot more to do with why many PDs didn't approve 1911s for routine use back in period 1946 to 1995, rather than a fear of 45 caliber bullets. Many senior police chiefs of that era were Army vets who knew of UDs with the 1911. Even the US Army MPs didn't like the 1911 for use inside CONUS and right up until the mid 1960s if there was an Amry MP or AFP patrol in your town they were usually wearing a 1917 double action 45 revolver. When the Army decided to finally delegate out the MP Corps and retire their 1917s and go with 1911s for routine street patrol their Armed Forces Police street patrols of places like NYC's Grand Central Station and Times Square or Fisherman's Wharf in SF quickly became a thing of the past. Easier to avoid the UD and lawsuit by just not sending armed troops there anymore. When DC's MPD went Glock there was a flurry of officer's smallest children being shot in their home playing with Dad or Moms gun while the parent slept. Similar events in NYC led to the development of what became known as the NYC trigger (requires a much stronger finger than the factory trigger for that shot). Say what you want about weapon safety, the fact remains it was almost a non-event back in the revolver days for the under 3 years old crowd. Fact is there is very little first shot difference between a loaded Glock and a cocked loaded revolver. Having a loaded Glock in the same house as an infant is a lot like having a large aggressive dog in the house too. Sooner or later you risk the child being badly bit. The risk fades as the child ages and stiffer triggers also reduce the risk, but again, why exactly are we going down this street when there are better streets to go down?

Why does your house need a gun that goes off if you sneeze?

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If your infant (I think you meant toddler) manages to cock the hammer on a 1911 I would be highly impressed. Some girls I know have trouble with that. Secondly, if your pistol is in your house and not anywhere near you in a place where children can reach it, it should always be in condition four. Better yet, place it somewhere where they cannot access it.

More importantly: teach your children gun safety.
  1. All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are.
  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges.
  4. Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified.

Those are the only rules you will ever need.

Doesn't matter if it's a Glock or if it's a 1911.
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Things to think about before you Open Carry
Read this before you decide to carry!
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Let the drama begin!
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Originally Posted by Uchahi View Post
Let the drama begin!
No need for drama as no one gun is the best for everybody.

What's important is you find the platform(s) that works for you and train with it. Doesn't matter whether it's steel or poly, revolver or semi-auto - any any or all of the above. My 1911s are range and competition guns, I don't carry or use them for self-defense. My EDC is a Walther PPK 90% of the time and I keep revolvers, XDs, and others in the home defense rotation. I shoot regularly with all of them and enjoy the variety...
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Originally Posted by gorknoids View Post
You're comparing turds and boogers. Neither of which I eat anymore, BTW. If you need to whip out a bullet hose and shoot at a bunch of bad guys, by all means carry the Glock. If you want bragging points and truly appreciate an iconic handgun that made America great, carry a 1911. I shot them for a decade, and it's a magnificent platform if you are sure that you'll never have to fire more than 7 shots at a time.
The 1911 is not a practical carry gun, considering the available options. Glock has a societal reputation as an overpriced ghetto-gun. Split the difference and get yourself a Springfield Armory XD.

The 1911 is not a practical carry gun,but the XD is?? Are you referring to the thumb safety compared to the grab and shoot on the XD or the weight??

My pro carry 2 weighs 28oz unloaded. How much does your XD weigh? The 1911 can easily be practiced with enough to slide the safety down on the draw and shoot,easily. It's much slimmer than the XD as well so I'm not sure how the xd is better besides it holds more hole punchers. I'm fine carrying a revolver and not worrying about capacity though either.
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