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Glock VS.1911.......

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All I can say is the 1911 is the most copied design ever. If the platform didn't work there are many much less expensive designs to copy.
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Originally Posted by DrumJunkie View Post
All I can say is the 1911 is the most copied design ever. If the platform didn't work there are many much less expensive designs to copy.
It is. It's a great handgun because..........?
I'm not crapping on it, I'm just saying that from the standpoint of practical application, there are many options. I'll cut to the main point just to get it out of the way and say that the 1911 is the biggest 'Fanboy" platform on the market right now, and has been for decades. People just want to own a 1911. It's a piece of history, it is a great design, and quite frankly it's the best looking, most intuitive handgun ever built. Except for that safety lever.
On the other hand, it has a hammer that can get hung up in your shirt, it's heavier than Hell for the ammo it holds, and you have to carry a bandolier of magazines if you want to shoot more than 30 rounds in rapid succession. It all comes down to what you want in your hand when the SHTF. I don't want to have to reload when I don't have to. I think that 3 slightly-smaller holes aimed accurately beat one through the left ass-cheek. And while I do appreciate the mechanical genius of John Moses Browning's design, I also believe in evolution. My daily carry piece incorporates many features of the 1911, and suits my needs/expectations/perception of adequacy. Basically, I feel that my handgun is deadlier and easier to engage with than a 1911. Did I say "feel"? Hell, I know it is. And it's Tupperware.
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I hear allot about Glock and what a great combat pistol it is, but I don't know any large nation using it. Matter of fact tell me one war or battle it was used in by a army. Now the 1911 in service it don't get much worse than WW1 WW2 Korea Vietnam and Iraq 2 times not to mention the small conflicts . They went thru sand,mud, saltwater,ice,and and anything else you can think of. I have never heard a old vet cry about only having 7 rounds they could shoot straight,or ever malfunctioning. Glock claims perfection right? Then why has it changed four times? The 1911 only changed once as a combat pistol 1911A1.
I own both and love both.
They are both good guns, but until Glock has seen life with a soldier and what soldiers put guns thru I'll stick with the M1911a1 and let the police use the Fisher Price kids gun. When the s**t hits the fan.
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Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
I hear a lot about Glock and what a great combat pistol it is, but I don't know any large nation using it. Matter of fact tell me one war or battle it was used in by a army.
Well, for one, several nations use the Glock:

Finnish police and border guards, Icelandic National Police, Kosovo Police, the Latvian military has it as their primary service weapon, Military of Montenegro, Military of the Netherlands, Royal Norwegian Army, Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Customs Service, Swedish Coast Guard, Georgian Special Forces, and of course, the Austrian Armed Forces.

I don't think it has been used in any major conflict, though.
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Glock VS.1911....... - Semi-Auto Handguns

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

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Default 1911A1 VS Glock?

Hello all, RON L here - SERE SURPLUS

I saw this thread for the 1911A1 VS Glock, I Have Owned a few Glocks, I now own a 1911A1, as well as a BHP Clone, I have used Sigs, CZ guns and More, I just never saw the Need for Mine is better than Yours thing? I prefer certain platforms that I have used and am more accutomed to, I don't assume they are Better for all, just work for me? It's Kinda Like Women at a bar, I have Courted and taken home the Red heads, the Blonds and Bruntte's? What one was better? I never could say? Same argument here, this is a question withlout a good right anwser, as the right one for me, might stink for you? Pick your own, make it yours and Be profecient with it?

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Both guns are/were inovative when they first came out. The 1911 for being one of the first auto pistol shooting a .45 caliber bullet. The Glock for being the first commercial poly gun. Both have spawned "fanboy" followings.. Personally, I love my Glock for the simple reason that it shoots very well in my hands. I also love my 1911A1 because of it's history and for what it is.

I really believe the OP opened a can of worms with this thread. No one side is ever going to convince the other that their gun or platform is better.

And the Sigma? don't get me started on that one..
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Originally Posted by canebrake View Post
Glock VS.1911....... - Semi-Auto Handguns
LOL!!! That's classic!
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Just save up and buy both! Or you could do what I would do and get a Springer XD instead of the Block
I used to have a Sigma, aside from the heavy trigger pull, I loved it. Glocks don't fit my hand right, the Sigma was perfect for my hand... the only reason I got rid of it was because a buddy of mine offered to trade me a 1911.

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My first pistol purchase when I turned 21 was a Glock 22 40s&w. It was completely reliable and the accuracy was....well it was "combat accurate", wouldn't win any bullseye competitions for sure.
Since I bought it during the AWB and was limited to 10rds since I couldn't find any pre-ban mags, after owning for about 4 years, I decided if I was to be limited on capacity, might as well carry a bigger slug so I sold it and bought a new G21 in 45Acp.
It too was super reliable, and the accuracy was much better than my g22. I carried it for over 7 years. During this time I had shot a few friends 1911's and it never seemed like they pointed very well for me(I know) but I had learned to shoot pistol with a glock. Well this past fall I saw a barely used Kimber SIS at a local gunshop and thought I'd like to really see if the 1911 really lived up to the hype. So after a bit of prodding from a few here at FTF, I decided to buy it and give it an honest try and see if I could adapt to the 1911 platform and see if it would work for me.
The first time I took it out the accuracy was great, but thats to be expected from an all steel pistol with a match barrel. What really surprised me was after changing from my "glock grip" to a high thumb 1911 grip I was amazed at how well it pointed for me. By the time I had gone through my first 100rds of ammo that day I was already shooting much faster AND more accurately than I'd ever shot with my glock's with 11 years of experience
I always thought the G21 pointed great, until I gave the 1911 an honest chance. Boy did it surprise me.
Double taps were a breeze and the pistol point shot so great, I could basically think about where I wanted to hit and the holes would show up on the paper within 10 yards, no waiting for the front sight to appear or having to look for it, just point and the shots are there.
I gave the 1911 a few weeks and a few more rounds to be sure, then the G21 got traded for a Ruger LCR Bug, and I haven't regretted it one bit.
Ive now got over 1k rounds through the SIS and it has proven to be utterly reliable so far. Its not selective about about bullet styles, (hell, it will feed empty cases, I tried it) Ive shot up to 200rds between cleanings and just recently gave it its first detail strip and clean. I haven't buried it mud or thrown it out of an airplane or anything, but I never did that with my glocks either.
There's nothing wrong with choosing either platform, give 'em both a fair chance and find the one that suits you best.

Just my .02 from both sides of the fence
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