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Artyom 01-11-2012 02:16 AM

FN/Browning HP or Beretta 92FS
Hello all! I am from Ohio! I am new to the forums and I'm hoping I can make this community the weapon community that I can frequently visit being as how I haven't joined a weapon community until now.

I have been viewing several different firearms and within the next month or two I am going to attend a gun show and get my first handgun. I have already decided that as my first handgun I would like it to be a 9mm. I have done some reading and decided that this round is effective, good to learn on, and is very accurate and cheaper to fire than others.

After a lot of reading and searching on the internet through various forums I have come down to what I believe to be the final two guns which are the Browning HP (or and FN Browning MkIII), or a Beretta 92FS. I have ruled out the CZ75 and the Sig p226 at this point although those are also good contenders.

From all of my reading I have learned that I essentially cannot go wrong with either gun really. So what I would like to ask some of the more experienced members is, which gun do you prefer or suggest? I plan to use the gun to go out to the range for fun and I will also get my concealed carry here in Ohio as well.

Here is a brief pro/con list I have put together based on my readings:

Browning HP or FN Browning MkIII:

Fits most hands like a glove
Time tested
Slightly higher value
Very High Quality
Magazine safety (I am listing this as a pro especially with me being new to guns. Some people don't like it but I don't think I would mind it all that much.)
A comfortable weapon to conceal
A very unique and slick design

Supposedly has trouble feeding rounds that aren't FMJ
Hammer bite (supposedly can be fixed pretty easy)
Gritty trigger pull
Lower magazine capacity
Slightly more expensive than Beretta

Beretta 92FS

Nice design
Higher capacity
Seems I can find parts easier where I live
Fires all ammo pretty well
Double and single action
Hammer bite not a problem
lower price
Supposedly slightly more accurate than the Browning

Slightly large
Trigger can feel like a bit of a reach for smaller hands
Harder to conceal carry
Doesn't hold value quite as well

c3shooter 01-11-2012 03:27 AM

If it was not for difference in tastes, the ice cream store would carry one flavor.

Me? I love my Hi Power. Gritty trigger? No. John Browning got this design right.

sweeper22 01-11-2012 03:40 AM


Originally Posted by c3shooter (Post 673742)
Me? I love my Hi Power. Gritty trigger? No. John Browning got this design right.

The trigger on my BHP wasn't so great when I got it. Yanking the mag disconnect cleaned it up a bit, but it's still just okay in my opinion.

I like the HP over the Beretta. It mostly comes down to the sleeker design. Beretta M9/92 have always felt bulky and with too many switches and catch points for my liking, although I've recommended them to friends with monster paws. BHP capacity is listed as 13rds "stock", but 15rd mags are easily acquired and they fit capacity isn't really an issue.

They'll both shoot well. Handling each should probably answer your question.

Artyom 01-11-2012 04:01 AM

Thank you for your inputs! If anyone else has any I would love to hear! 15 round mags huh? I actually wasn't aware of that. I'll def get one of those if I do go with (and it's looking like I will) the Browning. What kind of holster would you guys recommend for conceal carry? I am usually wearing a jacket or hoodie a lot of the time so I figured maybe a shoulder holster? Although, from what I've read online most people just use in the pants/hip holsters? Which do you guys prefer?

The gritty trigger pull thing was just something I read from a few different people but personally I figured they were just being picky about the trigger pull. Can a trigger job be performed on it that can make it a little smoother without removing the magazine disconnect?

hiwall 01-11-2012 12:50 PM

I have shot many 92's and they are a fine gun. I bought an old HP mostly for its history. I think both are to big for concealed carry. My HP has never jammed and is fairly accurate. I removed the mag safety, cause I did not like it.

Artyom 01-13-2012 12:34 AM

Well, since I will be going to a gun show within the next month or two, what are some prices I should expect to see for these weapons? Online they vary greatly but I think I may be able to talk a vendor down slightly on some guns. For instance, do you think I would be able to get a Beretta from a vendor for 400ish? What about for the Browning models? Also, I've pretty much ruled clones out. If I'm gonna get a handgun I would like to just go all the way and get the real deal.

canebrake 01-13-2012 01:18 AM

Browning Hi Power hands down!

You need more than 16 rounds?

Artyom 01-13-2012 01:20 AM

Yeah that Hi Power is one well done firearm for sure.

Wiseman3 01-13-2012 01:46 AM

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Carried the m9 on duty nice gun good feel when you adjust but I own the Hi Power and will never let it go I've never had an issue with that gun and have had it for 17 years I love my Browning

Artyom 01-13-2012 01:48 AM

Wow 17 years? That's what I'm talking about. I def want something I'll be able to hand down to my future child one day. Although I'm sure as long as you take good care of a firearm it will last very long in general.

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