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marko911_944 01-05-2012 07:36 PM

First gun show coming up
My daughter and I are planning to attend our first gun show soon. My main interest is selling some guns we dont use anymore. could anyone help me with the market value at these shows for a couple of my guns? #457 Smith and Wesson handgun and a #60 sb Marlin micro groove barrel .22 lr in stainless with a wood stock?????? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Sniper03 01-05-2012 07:47 PM


Once again it depends on your state and area laws. As well as the rules of the Promoter of the Show! If you find someone to buy them it is best to find a dealer that you can give $20-$25 to do a formal transfer for you to the new owner. Especially the handgun! You have to be sure of the laws. For example there are different laws for the rifle compared to the handgun regarding dealer sales and you are just taking a chance regarding selling them to unknown people. If they would be a felon for example and later on he gets in problems with the gun that was technically registered to you. You possibly can be charged with a Felony of selling a weapon to a felon. I know by Federal Law you are allowed to sell your personal firearms with little if any requirements. But that as stated previously does not exempt you for State and Local Laws.Only my thoughts.


marko911_944 01-05-2012 08:01 PM

Wow, thanks for the quick response! I'm in Colorado, and appreciate the info about a 'formal transfer.'

Olympus 01-05-2012 09:13 PM

Call your local police department and speak with someone about the rules of your state.

In my state, individuals can sell to other individuals who are residents of the same state without having to do any kind of transfer, no matter if it's a pistol or rifle. I tend to buy more and sell more with other individuals at the shows rather than taking a beating on price from a dealer.

glockman55 01-05-2012 09:20 PM

I would find a local gun shop to discuss gun sales.. I don't like gun shows myself.. Prices are too high and not the best place to get you best money for your guns... JMO..

MrWray 01-05-2012 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by glockman55
I would find a local gun shop to discuss gun sales.. I don't like gun shows myself.. Prices are too high and not the best place to get you best money for your guns... JMO..

Exactly, they charge top dollar and want to give you nothing for the guns that you are trying to sell.another thing that irks me is around here the larger gun shows charge $20 just to get in and if your like me sometimes i just wanna go to check everything out. Sometimes i end up not buying anything so you just wasted $20

aandabooks 01-06-2012 12:16 AM

Best bet would be to find a private sale. Here in Illinois, I just ask to see a FOID card. Let's me know they are not a felon and I am in the clear as far as a private sale.

Most of the time when I go to gun shows, I don't buy hardly anything from dealers. They all seem to be at top price. I most just cruise around and look for private sales from people walking around with guns for sale.

Olympus 01-06-2012 01:52 AM

I'm telling you, you're all doing it wrong. You don't go to gun shows for the DEALERS, you go for the regular Joes. It's a great way to gather a large number of gun owners looking to buy and/or sell their wares. Think of it as a big swap meet and just ignore the dealers. I would say 75% of the reason that I even reserve a table at gun shows is so that I can watch the people coming in to see what they are selling. I could care less about trying to sell the stuff on my table. If it sells, it sells. I'd rather be combing the crowd looking for bargains. And trust me, I've found a LOT.

Like this Model 66 no-dash that most S&W collectors would pay top dollar for. $500 cash and this little beauty went home with a GUN SHOW! I can easily sell it for $650 to $700, but there's no chance of that!

fisher79 01-09-2012 12:48 PM

I got a couple family friends here that are dealers the last gun show I went to they had a family come in and the dad tried to buy a gun. They run his name and he's a convicted felon. So ten minutes later here comes his wife they refused to sell to her cause of her husband. The rest of the day we put the word out and watched them as they went to every friggin table in the show trying to buy a gun. They never got one but I still wonder if maybe they were up to no good.

wjnfirearms 01-09-2012 01:34 PM

Gun shows are not the bargain fest they once were. Conversely, I've found that selling over the counter to dealers yields worse prices as in the past. I hate to knock my fellow dealers, and I'm sure there are some that try to be fair, but from what I've seen first hand and had related to me of late, people aren't getting decent value from selling their guns outright to dealers. Trade ins, maybe a bit more so, but still not that great.

What I advise people asking me about liquidating guns they have is to find a venue to sell them. What I do is to offer to sell them as consignment items through outlets I have privaleges to sell through like Gun Broker, Guns America, etc. This has a better chance of maximizing what they may be able to get for them. Private individuals can sell through these outlets as well, but I offer to save them the legwork.

As to the value of any particular gun, there are several guidebooks out there to use in determining the approximate value of a gun. It's hard to find any place to get this info for free over the internet, unlike selling cars, etc. This is a starting place, but keep in mind something I have found to be gospel over the years. Nothing is worth more than anyone is willing to pay for it regardless of what any guide says. If there is no real demand for the particular gun you're selling, it's value in the book may be moot. On the other hand, it someone is looking for one of them, you may get a decent price. You never really know until you investigate.

The laws in your state will ultimately dictate how you can sell them as a private unlicensed person. Here, for example, you could advertise them if they are long guns anywhere even on Craigslist as it's legal to sell long guns face to face without a dealer's intervention. Handguns, no. You could advertise the S&W, but have to go through a dealer for the sale. People sell them all the time over the table at flea markets. You may not be able to where you reside. You might want to look into this as if you can advertise them, you will get better value for the sale. It will take more time, but might be in your best interests if you aren't in a hurry to liquidate them.

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