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armoredman 06-12-2013 10:45 PM

First day at the range with the new P-09
It was a brisk 100 degrees at 9AM, with a nice breeze. Beautiful spring day in Arizona. ;)

I was out with my brand new CZ P-09, having arrived yesterday. I wasn't going to wait too long before breaking it in, so after a clean and oil, out we went. I took the widest variety of ammo I could get, but my biggest problem...factory loads. I've reloaded for so long that i had to dig up some older factory ammo to try out, and realized I need some more 9mm defensive factory JHP loads. Oops.

I started off with 10 rounds of my old standby carry load, the Remington standard velocity 115 gr JHP. BTW, yes, it does have a good street record, according to Evan Marshall. ;)

Not bad for very first rounds ever fired through this gun. Recoil was LIGHT, and very manageable.

One interesting surprise, the 135 grain Hydrashoks did well,

But the Remington 115gr JHP reloads I made up a few years ago worked quite well,

She ate everything I fed her without a burble until...

Yes, Virginia, there is an "until"...the home cast lead. The round was too long and fat in the ogive to properly chamber, and twice hung up on feeding. This is the 125 grain Lee single lube groove bullet, so I will try the narrower 124 grain Tumble Lube and see if that works better. I loaded the offending rounds in the Phantom to make sure it was the gun, and it was - worked perfectly in the Phantom. It's just that P-09 chamber is cut shorter so as to say no to .356 cast lead. Oops. Anything else, factory, plated or jacketed bullet reloads, all of those fed perfectly. I just have to play with my lead load to make it work right. ;)

Berrys 115gr HBRN-TP loads, perfect feed and function. Need more of these. :)

All in all, I was VERY impressed! This is not a CCW pistol for small people, but a solid heavy duty sidearm meant for open carry, on-duty use, nightstand, etc. However, I will mention that High Noon Holsters DID casually mention they have an almost complete lineup of holsters ready for the P-09...

Interestingly enough, when "stacked up" on my normal carry pistol, the CZ SP-01 Phantom, the two are virtually the same size.

Barrel link is different, now a cutout instead of an oval, and the recoil spring is fully captive.

Cool gun, video soon.

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