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Everyone says don't get a 9mm??

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The 9mm is not a nerf gun round as some would have you believe. A controlled pair of 9mm to the chest of a bad guy is more than enough to convince him/her of the error of their ways.
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Nothing wrong with a 9mm. There are plenty of good defensive cartridges out there for the caliber. The plus of the 9mm is it's capacity. It's a good mix of power and firepower and since it doesn't have a ton of recoil shot placement and follow up shots are easy.
it is still the most widely used caliber nationally and internationally ! Ammo is easy to locate and inexpensive compared to calibers like the 10 mm and 357 Sig. The 45 acp is relatively cheap in it's FMJ version but defensive ammo can be pretty pricey ! The drawback of the 45 acp is capacity, the plus is a bigger, heavier bullet. I have both 9mm and 45 acp and I don't feel under gunned with either !

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Here's a story about a police officer who put multiple rounds into the torso of an assailant that failed to stop him quickly. I'm not trying to call out the .40; I'm pointing out that any popular pistol round can require a number of hits to finish the job.

And below is a picture that you can find around the Internet that clearly shows the "vast" difference in performance among several pistol rounds. The point is, get whatever round you can shoot best and makes you happy.
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Originally Posted by HOSSFLY View Post
Gud chart
Thanks, someone else posted it here a while back but I couldn't find it
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Shoot what feels right in your hands. I prefer 9mm th.45acp. But I'm not the biggest guy with the biggest hands. Double taps are much more fluent with my 9mm.
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Originally Posted by rstarlin23 View Post
...Everyone keeps telling me not to get a 9mm instead get a 40 or 45. What do you think about this statement?
If THEY... ("Everyone")... are going to pay for it... I say go ahead and take what THEY feel you should get.

If you're going to pay for it... I say suit yourself.
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Okay maybe not twice the damage as I exaggerated but it is a faster and bigger round and it does do more damage to the target I have shot the same type of target with both the 9 and 40 to see the difference myself and I am not talking about paper because you really cant see the difference there
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A 21 oz 9mm is a lot easier to shoot than a 21 oz 40 or 45. Yes I have shot all 3. Some of the 9mm's go quite a bit lighter.
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It's all good!!! Have some in each caliber. Then it becomes a dilemma when you go to buy more guns trying to decide if you want your new one in a 9,40,or 45!
So a new gun turns into new "guns" because you just can't decide. It's an addiction for sure.
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Just remember what Ty Ty tells you here:

.380 is stupid, weak, and a waste of money
9mm is a great lower cal round, great penetration, cheap ammunition
.40 is a completely pointless round, unless your a cop
.45 is the big boy, a fine round, strong power and great knockdown
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