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BigByrd47119 09-02-2011 04:40 AM

Diamondback DB380 First Impressions
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Well, she finally came today! What a sweet little pistol. I should (with any luck) be able to get her out to the range this weekend so that I can give further impressions.

Let me just say that if you haven't held one of these, you need to go do so as soon as possible. The trigger is a very smooth DAO IMO, with a reliable, repeatable, trigger reset, even if it is a long reset. The memory pads I find to be much more effective than those on my Glock 23, especially when being held one-handed.

EXO slide finish is very satisfying. Its matte enough that I don't have too much concern, but "flashy" enough that I can draw some attention at the range:cool:.

Mag release is very stiff.

If your hands are much larger than mine (slightly large at 6' 3"), you may find the trigger somewhat troublesome due to the loooong trigger pull and the limited distance between the rear of the grip and where the trigger breaks. We will have to see what kind of problems this may raise at the range.

The sights, which I have heard so much praise about, are a little less than I expected. Perhaps it is just my particular firearm, but the rear sights seem to be almost faded. Front sight is very nice however, and assuming the gun functions to my satisfaction, I intend to get some of the Trijicon night sights for it.

So, range review soon, ask questions if ya got them!

Sniper03 09-02-2011 11:12 PM

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Big Byrd,

Before you take her out be sure to be sure it is cleaned and lubricated properly. Sometimes the companies test fire them and ship them out. I recently purchased a Kahr P-380 and one of the guys here on the FTF submitted a thread prior to my pistol getting her. He was correct it was a little dirty inside. And since they need a little break in time when new the dirt doesn't help. So I cleaned mine and lubed the slide and contact points on the frame before going to the range and she ran like a sewing machine right out of the box. By the way I like your Diamondback DB380. Looks like a very well made pistol.:)
I have sent a picture of my Kahr they look like almost the same size. Enjoy it and are they easy to conceal? Yes! I carry mine in a DeSantis Ankle holster at the present because of very light clothing in this heat!

BigByrd47119 09-02-2011 11:19 PM

Yea! Slips right into the front pocket with the desantis nemesis. Yup, she is a little dirty as well from what I assume was a test round. Cleaned and lubed now. Just waiting for the opportunity to go squeeze a few off now!

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