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caseytate2007 09-04-2011 06:11 AM

Desert eagle .50ae
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What do you guys think this gun is worth?

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I only shot around 50 rounds at most out of it. I really enjoy it but My little girl is getting bigger and my wife is bitching about it being in the house with the kid and I'm tired of hearing it.

neilage66 09-04-2011 01:35 PM

I don't know what it is worth without some research, but it sounds like you may wish to keep it, and if so, would purchasing a small safe be in order?

You could suggest to your wife that a safe would also be good for protecting important documents or small family heirlooms, etc. Maybe this would help sell the idea.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

cmc0108 09-05-2011 10:04 PM

my friend's wife didn't like the idea of him keeping a gun in the house either. My suggestion was to store it disassembled so that if for some reason a child did stumble upon it, it would be harmless.

You should still keep it locked up in a safe(or at least part of it in a safe), that way you dont have to even worry about it.

fmj 09-05-2011 10:48 PM

Not a huge fan of the DE but i would personly sell the wife and keep the gun! This is how it starts, "Safer for the kids, blah blah blah." next thing you know you have no guns and carrying her purse with your nutsack in it.

I have 3 kids and have never had an issue with the kids and the guns (the wife comes from "guns are evil" background) I have TAUGHT my kids what guns are and what they are used for. Hell, my wife is even a gun nut these much for sneaking away for a quiet day at the range by myself! :rolleyes:;)

sweeper22 09-06-2011 03:34 AM

In excellent condition I often see them going for around $1000 or so. Cool gun, even if terribly impractical.

Sell the gun. You should get enough to pick up a more practical home defense pistol, a competent safe, and still have enough to take the wife out for dinner a time or two. Everybody wins.

JonM 09-06-2011 04:33 AM

kid is more likely to be killed or hurt riding in the wife's car. make her sell her car...

Rarity 09-06-2011 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by JonM
kid is more likely to be killed or hurt riding in the wife's car. make her sell her car...

I hate that "Guns are so bad" bull**** excuse. Pisses me off.

Cars kill more idiots than guns kill people. It's one of those, "The men has to carry scenario.. until I adapt to it"


winds-of-change 09-06-2011 08:24 AM

Besides the car, if you own any baseball bats, kitchen knives, beer bottles, garden shovels, matches, fireplace tools.......get rid of those, too. Oh, yeah, be sure to remove all stairs from the house. The bathtub can be a dangerous place, too.

I am female and I truly felt the way your wife feels. I was very anti gun for almost all my life. Then I met someone who taught me that a gun is a tool. It's the person holding the gun that isn't safe. Then I went shooting and had a great time. And I think I wasn't too bad at it for a beginner.

Then I bought my first gun. I have a granddaughter that spends some time at my house. When I bought my gun, my friend told me not to buy any ammo until he sent me a safe for my gun. I now have two guns and they are in the safe at all times. The only two people who know how to get into that safe is me and my friend who lives in Cali (who I don't talk to anymore). And if I change the pattern, then it would be only me. If I die, a locksmith is going to have to open that safe for my grown children to get possession of those guns.

The key is to keep that gun locked in a gun safe. Not one with a key in which someone may come across that key but one with only a combination lock or a finger pattern type of lock, which is what I have.

Tell your wife you are as interested as she is in keeping your child safe and sound. See if your wife will feel better with that gun in a safe. Lock it up and ask her to try and open it. If she can open it, tell her you'll get rid of the gun. :)

fisher79 09-06-2011 10:12 AM

I changed a couple friends of mine idea about that. My buds wife said (I don't like guns and don't need one) so I ask her how much would you like to get raped? I reminded her that her hubby leaves town for a couple days at a time pretty often and it is an asset that could save you and your family god forbid you have to ever shoot someone but if it has to be done you can't help it. Needless to say they're in the market for a HD weapon now:)

fmj 09-06-2011 02:27 PM


The key is to keep that gun locked in a gun safe. Not one with a key in which someone may come across that key but one with only a combination lock or a finger pattern type of lock, which is what I have.
Sorry ma'am, but i disagree with this completely!

Your house, your ways of doing things....BUT that gun isnt gonna do you a lick of good locked in a safe and a scumbag isnt gonna give you time to unlock that safe to protect yourself.

EDUCATION is the key!! Be they adult or child! (Many will disagree with this) but i leave a gun lay in a certain area for the wife or the kids to get to if needs be. This firearm is one the kids and wife have used and i am fairly confident they are proficient with. I also have my carry gun within arms reach at ALL times (in the shower or on the $hitter)

When it comes to kids and guns, kids are curious. Take that curiosity away and take them shooting, teach them. Tragedies happen when parents want to hide the gun and be "shush shush". The kids WILL find the gun eventually and if not properly educated will either come to grief or cause grief with it.

I was raised in a house full of guns and there was NEVER a lock on the gun cabinet. I was educated and was allowed to take any gun i wanted at anytime to hunt with. (we lived in the country and i was a hardcore hunter...even in my youth) Myself or my friends NEVER even thought of mishandling the guns as we KNEW the consequences. (to us the worst being NEVER being able to hunt again)

be they children or antigun adults. In my time i have turned no less than six antigun zealots into freedom loving, firearms enthusiasts simply thru education and the challenge to go to the range with me for more education.:D

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