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juststartin5272 10-06-2012 01:43 PM

I think since sig got a forum of its own, wouldn't it only be fair for the amazing cz's to have the same. Who's with me?

Overkill0084 10-06-2012 01:58 PM

I would recommend making it "CZ & Clones" or "CZ & Derivatives" i.e. EAA/Tanfoglio Witness, Baby Eagle, BUL etc.

juststartin5272 10-06-2012 02:13 PM

I'm cool with that. I just really like cz and think they should have something of their own just like the others. Have always thought it weird that hi-powers didn't have a forum dedicated specifically for them.

boatme98 10-07-2012 04:42 PM

Now that's just crazy talk. :D

juststartin5272 10-07-2012 06:06 PM

I guess it could almost be hi-power and clones since the cz 75 is obviously built off the design of the hi-power

bigbomar4 10-08-2012 03:57 AM

I know Im gonna get bashed for this but I think the CZ-75 has surpassed the highpower. Yes it was based on the highpower but which is more popular today? Also CZ has more than just the 75. The P-07 on my hip would like its own forum too.

towboater 10-08-2012 04:11 AM

CZ has many fine guns. The 75B is just one of em. I vote yes!!

zaitsev44 10-08-2012 05:05 AM

Anyone know where I can get a issued CZ52? I looked on Czechpoint Arms and they're overpriced compared to what I've been seeing them for plus they only have one magazine, everywhere else ships 2. An ideas?

DaveShooter 10-09-2012 03:12 PM

CZ pistols rock . I have had a few in my time or day.
Still got a CZ-97b in lay-away
Got to wait to get it out to play....

willerfortheworld 10-10-2012 07:05 AM

Czech power!

Czech 75 p01 = best duty sized combat pistol around.

It's a tac drivin beast!

Czechs make the best out there hands down so I vote YES:D

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