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boneman13 10-07-2010 04:32 AM

Best defense ammo in 9mm
K so i finally figured out what gun I want which your gonna laugh if you saw
sr9 vs beretta 92fs....I'm getting a xdm which i would love to hear your opion on...anyways i want a 9 was thinking 45 but can't afford and think that 9 would be better for range & defence aleast for price. plus with the xdm it's 19 +1. so now all i need is some help figureing out what you guys think is the best defence ammo. so again thanks for the input guys.

The reason i want a xdm is the fact that it's the perfect stater kit in one purchase...two clips and holder, mag loader, holster, brush, lock, nice case and of course gun. i love the feel of sr9 but think the xdm is the better choice. Have'nt shot it yet but have held it and it feels great... like the choice of back straps, and hear take down is easy. Don't know every thing i want to know about it but maybe you guys can fill in the gaps. I did see that there is a fourm just for xd but want everyone input not just xd lovers, SSSSOOO lets hear it.:D

spittinfire 10-07-2010 10:08 AM

Please do a quick serach, this subject has been beating to death. Here are just a couple.

I carry HSTs in my 45 and Gold Dots in my lady's 38.

CA357 10-07-2010 04:33 PM

Like Spitty said, Federal HST's and Speer Gold Dots are excellent. I've shot them both and they are reliable and will perform as expected.

Right now, I've gotten into the Winchester Rangers because they're pretty reasonable and have an excellent track record. The assortment is huge and can be a bit confusing.

Many folks think a 124 grain hollow point is about the best combination for a defensive round. I'm using 127gr. +P+ in my SR9c for a home defense load.

Link: 50rd - 9mm Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+ T-Series RA9TA |

IGETEVEN 10-07-2010 04:52 PM

Hell, does it really matter that much? Your getting a handgun that holds 20 rounds. All the ammo listed will work, even FMJ ball will do the trick. Just point and spray, the BG's will go away. ;)

Gojubrian 10-07-2010 04:55 PM

Winchester Ranger's and Gold dots are what I use based on my own ballistic testing. I will be testing some .40s&W ammo tomorrow as well.

I truly believe any 9mm hollowpoint bullet that enters a human and hits vital organs will work. People are pretty fragile.

Ralphhster 10-08-2010 03:17 AM

nice day !

Dgunsmith 10-08-2010 03:35 AM

The GOLD DOT 124 JHP consistantly expands right up with the GOLD DOT really works !

sweeper22 10-10-2010 04:31 PM

Winchester Rangers, 127gr +P+. Gold Dots won't let you down either.

ElvisIsDead 10-10-2010 07:36 PM

Good choice if you like the plastic guns. I am not a fan of plastic firearms but the XDm is one I do like. I intend on buying a .45 XDm soon.

For your answer on the ammo, try several different brands to see what your gun likes. Different guns will like different ammo. Even two of the exact same guns will like different ammo. The suggestion I am going to make will be an expensive experiment but worth every penny if you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself. The first part is easy. Read all the posts here and on other forums. Check out The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration Testing too. He does a lot of independent ammo testing and is not being paid by an ammo company to give a favorable opinion. Talk to seasoned shooters who like the same caliber as you. Get as many opinions as you can and also ask why they like a specific ammo. Narrow your choice down to 4 or 5 ammo's based on the amount of good feedback you hear. Now comes the expensive part. Buy 100 rounds of each. You don't have to buy them all at once as they are expensive. Shoot 100 of each of the ammo's you select to make sure your gun likes it and make sure you like the way it feels with your gun. If you can, shoot 50 of those 100 in the dark or at least a very low light setting to see how the muzzle flash will be. More times than not a gun fight happens in the dark. Gold tooth'd crack addicts tend to sleep all day and steal by night. Then just like everyone says choose your gun based on your experience and based on what you prefer. Do the same with your ammo. A gun is only as good as it's ammo. This test will cost you a pretty penny but well worth it if that day comes that you're looking at 6 thugs in an alley pointing a knife at you so they can rob and kill you.

My choices for the 9mm you mentioned is Golden Saber +P Bonded 124 grain. In my opinion and experience it has very little muzzle flash, is accurate, plenty of power, not much recoil for a +P, travels as fast as any factory brand 9mm I know of and they tend to expand well and very consistent. Again that is my preference based on my experiences only. Try a bunch yourself and see. It is expensive but also fun.

IXLR8 10-10-2010 08:45 PM

The round that you can shoot most accurately with.

I have tried a lot of the expensive defense loads. They make sense to load and use. However, while proving the weapon operation with a specific round, I found a significant difference in how accurately I could shoot the round. My experience was that the most powerful and deadly rounds, reduced my accuracy mostly due to the unexpected extra recoil. this could be mitigated by shooting more of the expensive ammo, but I shoot 100 boxes of white box for every box of defense ammo.

As a result I found some hollow point ammo that I can accurately shoot, and use it instead of the high power uber-deadly bullets. If I cannot hit what I am aiming at, then it will not benefit me very much. Almost anything is good for a close quarters defense, but I don't want to limit myself to a specific scenario.

I am sure that there are many members that can shoot the most devastating ammo with pinpoint accuracy, but I am not in that group...

Know how to shoot, and shoot with what you know.

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