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BlindOldMan 05-27-2011 01:12 AM

Bersa Thunder 22LR Nickel
Picked up the Bersa 22LR today, took it home for a quick clean, then to the range for some testing.

It's a gorgeous little gun. Good weight, and quite comfortable on the grip. It only ships with a single magazine. Accuracy/precision was exceptional.. Here's a 7 yard test.. Everything was on the target from first to last (ignore the 9mm holes around the paper).

Downsides: I was breaking her in with CCI 22LR and had a lot of feed problems:

I would press the slide release and the round wouldn't chamber correctly. Even tried closing the slide, inserting the magazine, then racking the slide but it would hang up. She just might be nervous, being her first time, so may have to ease her in a little more gently...

I also tried a few rounds of Federal 22LR but had issues on every round (slide staying open and holy Krakatoa, Batman, but that's some smoky ammo).

JonM 05-27-2011 02:24 AM

stingers dont work in a lot of guns they are slightly longer than normal. ive got a thunder 22 myself great little guns. mine has fed everything ive stuffed in it. first couple hundred rounds were a little iffy after that it settled down and chomped away.

good choice there arent many good 22lr pistols but the bersa thunder 22 is definately in the top ranks.

group17 05-27-2011 01:26 PM

Good looking pistol!

Mine does not have that problem at all with CCI. Don't like the look of that case denting. The good news is there are other great rounds to test that don't cost much.

I would also sign up to bersachat forum and post the same thread with photos.
There are a lot more owners on it that can give you feed back or possible cause for the denting.

The unfortunate fact is spare 22 Bersa mags are backordered everywhere till the next shipment from Argentina. Add your email address to their wish list for buying.

mesinge2 05-27-2011 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by JonM (Post 512619)
stingers dont work in a lot of guns they are slightly longer than normal.

He's absolutely correct. Try some mini-mags instead of the stingers. My mosquito would not fire the stingers either but its eats the mini-mags just fine.

BlindOldMan 05-28-2011 07:54 PM

Thanks all.. I just registered on the Bersa chat forum..

At the range today I tried to shoot of the rest of those CCI 22LRs. Still same problem.

Picked up some American Eagle boxes. Got through about 20 rounds before giving up on them. Multiple FTEs and I had to rack the slide on every shot. Plus the slide wouldn't stay open on the last round.

The gun seems to work best with Remington Thunderbolt rounds. At least I could get through a magazine or two before an issue. There were a lot of FTEs and FTFs however. Several times I pulled the trigger and no joy, just a click. I had to remove the magazine, unload it, replace and then fire. On the FTEs I often had to pull out a screwdriver to get the spent case free.

I'll take it to a smith soon. The gun is solidly built and I don't want to give up on it quite yet. I think it's an ammo problem and perhaps a good polishing in critical areas and some proper lube and lots of firing will get her working right.

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