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Beretta 92FS - Opinions? Warnings?

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I used a 92 extensively when I was in Security Forces in the Air Guard. While it's a bit heavy, the recoil is light, the weapon is very accurate and as long as you properly maintain the pistol, very reliable. Only feed issues I had were due to bad magazines. I bought a 92FS a couple of years ago simply because they're fun to shoot. That being said, there is one problem with the new 92 models. The guide rod, which used to be steel in the old models, is now plastic. I've personally witnessed the plastic ones fail on the range, at which point the Combat Arms guy simply reached into his cargo pocket and pulled out a fistful of them. If you do pick up a new 92FS, the first thing I'd do (and in fact, it was the first thing I did) is go to Brownell or Midway and get yourself a metal guide rod. An extra $20 to eliminate a point of failure is a solid investment. I'd like to meet the bean counter who decided to save some manufacturing costs by going to that plastic crap.
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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
i was in the army during the switch from 1911 to 92fs. had the opportunity to run a bunch of ammo through several. they tended to jam up due to excessive overheating after several mags. same amount of ammo shot through the 1911 flawless function. the 1911's were of ww2 make various remingtons colts ithacas etc. over extended use there were frame cracks in several that had to be sent back to depot maintenance. under field conditions the open slides tended to collect debris. they didnt wear well over time.

from this i developed a low opinion of the 92 series and berretas in general.

just my opinion, but you would do well to cnsider the springfield XD series, hi-power browning, cz75, or 1911. all those are far better than the 92 series
Early analysis of the breakages by the Army suggested that the problems experienced were due to problems with the pistols themselves. Beretta responded to these reports by requesting testing of the M882 ammunition. Dissatisfied with the progress and methodology of the Army's tests of its ammunition, Beretta obtained independent tests of the ammunition that disclosed excessive pressure levels in the rounds (average pressures exceeding 345 MPa (50,000 psi), compared with the maximum NATO-allowed service pressure of 252 MPa (36,550 psi)).

After delays in delivery of M9 pistols while these issues were resolved, Beretta developed a safety mechanism (enlarged hammer pin head) that significantly reduced risk to the shooter should an M9 slide break. The U.S. Army also changed the propellant mix for the M882 round, after which no further pistol breakages of the types previously seen were reported.

This happened when they first came out. The problem has since been fixed and you can fire 500 rounds straight, with no problems. I have done so. The Beretta 92 is one of the greatest pistols ever made.
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The Beretta 92FS (M-9) is a fine pistol with few issues other auto-loaders all face...if the mag is bad...function will be unreliable.

It is large and heavy and a dated design.

For the $$ you should look at, handle and shoot if available at a local range to shoot the Springfield XDM. XDM has a better, more consistant double action and then single action but don't forget to decock the hammer design of the 92F.

Plus the XDM comes in a nice case, 2 mags, holster and mag pouch...and it holds 19+1 = 20 rounds in 9mm....a nice consideration. Changeable rear grip panels allow for the pistol to fit your nice of a feature Gen-4 Glocks copied it !

Good idea to evaluate before buying.
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Its funny that all these posters like the M-9. Every soldier I know hates them with a passion.

However, the 92 series is tried and true. My first "of age" pistol, was a Taurus PT92AFS. Still have it. Ten years and 18,000 rounds later, its still as accurate as day one, if not more so. original springs and all.

I would aways take a Taurus over the Beretta due to the lifetime warranty.

Ive handled Berettas and they seem just as loose.
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The 92 is a good pistol. But replace the recoil spring about every 1,000 rds. You will shoot out a 92fs in 12,000 to 14,000 rds but keeping new springs in it will prolong the life.

Slide mounted safeties/de-cockers as a general rule take more of an inertial beating than a frame mounted safety due to the hammering of the slide, and they also chew up the hand more than a "protrusion free" slide.

I've also seen guys perform failure drills with 92's and inadvertently flick the safety on in the process.


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I like the M-9 well enough. In the end though, it is a case of what else are we gonna get? Everyone I have talked to had a prob with the cheap mags that were forced upon them. Only other prob I have ever heard about that seemed legit was that the NATO 9MM round was too heavy for the M-9 resulting in the locking-block failing.
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