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dsmith84 08-08-2009 07:44 PM

any davis industries 380 owners??? plz help
hi. i was wondering if anyone had one of these or could tell me about it. i know its not gonna shoot like a glock or whatever but i seen one in a pawn shop for 110 and thought that it'd be a good glovebox gun for my truck. basically my main question is does it go bang every time or almost every time? i had a lorcin 380 which i quickly sold because it couldn't fire thru one clip. is the davis any better or is it a pos like the lorcin? thanks guys for any help

Mark F 08-08-2009 07:58 PM


Do not waist good money on Davis Arms.

dsmith84 08-08-2009 10:24 PM

have you had one? can you ellaborate on why its a piece of junk? anyone else have anything to add?

SGT-MILLER 08-08-2009 11:05 PM

That is a little too overpriced for that pistol. The Davis 380 is now made by Cobra Arms and is known as the model CA-380. The CA-380 usually sells for around 130-140 dollars brand new.

These firearms are very simple and can be very finicky. The first rule of thumb is you have to hold these things tight when firing. This is not due to recoil, but due to the fact that because of the low mass of the slide, there is a great chance of a malfunction if there is a slight hint of limp wristing the weapon.

The barrel is of decent quality, and the rest of the weapon is made with Zamak (pot metal). There is a decent chance that the Zamak will crack around the barrel (the steel barrel is shrouded in Zamak) or slide, causing you to send it in for warranty repairs.

For around the same amount of money, I recommend you purchase a Hi-Point C9. The construction is much better, and you will find that the 9x19mm round is much more common, and cheaper, than the .380 ACP round.

If you are stuck on this type of weapon, I recommend you go with the Cobra Arms model FS380 pistol. It is a little bulkier than the CA380 which will lead to less felt recoil and a more durable slide/frame.

Cobra CA380:

Cobra FS380:

Good luck.

dsmith84 08-11-2009 09:43 PM

thanks for the great info i dont think i want it. especially if its partially made out of pot metal the high points around here sell for close to 200 but i think i'll save up the rest

Defender 08-12-2009 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by SGT-MILLER (Post 141389)
...the 9x19mm round is much more common, and cheaper, than the .380 ACP round.

Not to mention the 9mm is more powerful and a proven better man-stopper.

WILDCATT 08-16-2009 11:11 PM

hi point
hi point should sell for max $180. you can call the company and ask the MSRP
It was $139.and at that price dealer was $79. what I paid for mine.$180 seem to be the price in south.:rolleyes:

Maveou 08-17-2009 08:24 PM

Sgt Miller is correct about holding it tight. I've fired only twice out of my Davis, and it was a slight surprise. It's awfully heavy, too, for the size (IMHO). For some reason, I thought it was unusually loud as well? Maybe just me. I am glad I read this about the pot metal, I won't be looking to fire it again anytime soon (wasn't planning on it anyway). The only thing I can say in my experience is, it was fun to disassemble and reassemble.

wilddawg1 11-15-2009 10:55 PM

your davis 380
hey a lot of people say they are crap i bought one for my wife have fired at least 1000 rds and never had a problem is it a cheap gun yes but taken care of it will work fine as a conceled piece and its very accurate:):)

Stuie 06-11-2010 07:30 PM

Hate bring up an old thread. But I have had one of these guns for a while. My Grandfather gave it to me. Finally I took to the range today.

1) Thing is so inaccurate! I put 100 rounds through it and never improved. I wasn't having an off day because I would pick up my XDm and shoot great.

2) Slide Bite - Dear Lord, my hands fit around it just enough where it rubs on my hand didn't break skin until the second box of ammo.

3) Cleaning - Disassembly is a pain I cleaned it before and after shooting and each time that spring goes flying, extremely annoying.

I was going to give this to my wife to use but after running 100 rounds for it, I am going to get rid of this little toy.

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